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Kansas Association of Counties

Governing Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 10, 2003



President Wade Dixon called the October 10, 2003 meeting of the Kansas Association of Counties Board of Directors to order at 10:00 a.m. at the office of the Association.


Board members present included:

            Rod Broberg                                                  Lonnie Addis

            Florence Whitebread                                    Dean Kruse

            Linda Fincham                                              Gene Merry

            Francis Garcia                                              Ted Ensley

            Mike Billinger                                                 Wade Dixon

            Jerry Davis                                                     Ron Stitts

            Paula Phillips                                     Ilene Filbert


Others present:

            Randall Allen, Executive Director, Kansas Association of Counties

            Marla Flentje, Education Director, Kansas Association of Counties

            Judy Moler, Legislative Services Director, Kansas Association of Counties

            Lisa Eickholt, Kansas County Human Resource Association

            Brenda Flanagan, Summers, Spencer, & Callison, CPA’s, Chartered

            Joel Wright,

            Kathleen Harrish-Doucet


No additions or deletions were made to the meeting agenda.


A motion was made (Garcia/Fincham) and passed unanimously to accept the consent agenda.


Financial Report.  Mike Billinger provided the Finance Committee report on the August financials.  After discussion, the report was accepted unanimously.


[Note: according to Robert’s Rules, when a committee presents a report to be accepted, no “second” is required since the motion to accept the report is done ‘by committee’ consisting of more than one person]


Strategic Planning Committee Report.  Gene Merry reported on the Strategic Planning Committee efforts to survey the membership.  Gene expressed disappointment that so few responses have been received.  The Committee has extended the date for submission until the end of October.   Board members provided suggestions on how to increase the number of replies.


Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations (KACIR) Report.  Wade Dixon reported that KACIR held their first meeting in late September.  The mission of the group is to facilitate communications among various levels of government throughout the State.  Updates on KACIR activities will be included in upcoming issues of the County Comment.

Presentation of Audit Report.  Randall Allen introduced Brenda Flanagan of Summers, Spencer & Callison CPA’s who presented the 2002 audit report.  Ms Flanagan explained each page of the report and answered questions from Board members.  She explained the issues of accounts receivable described in the audit adjustments and the management letter.  KAC is in the process of purchasing QuickBooks, which will mitigate the issue.


There was also discussion about the long-term financial health of the organization.  The discussion centered on the need to identify and pursue other non-dues sources of revenue, or to make significant adjustments in expenditures in order to strengthen savings.


The report was accepted (Garcia/Billinger) unanimously.


Kansas County Human Resource Association (KCHRA).  Randall Allen introduced Lisa Eickholt representing Kansas County Human Resource Association.  KCHRA is requesting associate membership in KAC.  Ms Eickholt described the history and activities of the Association.  It was moved (Addis/Whitebread) and unanimously approved to accept KCHRA as an associate member of Kansas Association of Counties.


NACO Report.  Lonnie Addis reported on the recent NACO Board of Director’s meeting, and the actions taken at the NACO Annual Meeting.  Mr. Addis provided a copy of his itinerary for the upcoming Board meeting in Branson, MO.  He also indicated that Jackson County, Missouri is hoping to host the annual NACO Conference in 2008 or 2009.  Jackson County is seeking support for their request to host the conference.


Health & Human Services Summit.  Randall introduced Joel Wright and Kathleen Harrish-Doucet who are working with the Governor to ensure that the results of the recent summit are actualized.  Issues identified during the summit were discussed.  KAC was commended for having the vision and foresight to sponsor this activity.  The Board dialogued on follow-up questions provided by Joel and Kathleen.


KAC Annual Conference.  Randall Allen and Michelle Brown, Conference Coordinator, updated the Board on the details of the upcoming annual conference.  Registrations are down as compared to last year and all Board members are asked to encourage participation from colleagues and peers.  Sponsorships for the trade fair are close to goal.  Conference attendees will be encouraged to visit the sponsors while on break and having meals in the vendor arena.


Legislative Policy Report.  Judy Moler reported that the platform committee is finalizing the platform, and that the platform will be available on the KAC website.  Updates were provided on the land, air and water quality group meeting on November 13; streamlined sales tax; the new 9-1-1 plan; and the landfill permitting task force. Ms Moler reported that no by-law changes will be recommended to the general membership this year.


Draft 2004 Budget Proposal.  Randall Allen provided the Board with a draft proposal that identifies trends and contains an analysis and recommendations that are the result of the recent audit report.  Mr. Allen is requesting that the Board review the document and consider how to build a long-term foundation for the Association.  Several policy issues were identified with respect to the budget.  No action was requested of the Board, but members are asked to respond to Mr. Allen regarding the proposal.  The actual 2004 budget proposal will be presented at the November meeting and adopted by the Board at the December meeting.


Executive Director’s Report.  Several items were discussed during the Executive Director’s report.

  • December Board Meeting.  Mr. Allen requested that the December Board meeting be moved to December 18 and 19 in order to avoid conflicts with the Kansas League of Municipalities.
  • Health & Human Services Task Force.  Mr. Allen expressed confidence and   optimism about the effort and the results of this group.
  • Public Health Officers.  Mr. Allen and Ms Flentje had the opportunity to participate in the Public Health Certificate program in Salina recently.  They indicated that the program is a valuable asset to public health programs across the State.
  • Conflict Mediation Workshop.  Mr. Allen and Ms Flentje participated in a Conflict Mediation workshop paid for by the Kansas Supreme Court.  Both indicated that it was a meaningful experience.  Mr. Allen indicated that he realized the value in mediating public policy issues.


Adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 3:10p.m.