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Kansas Association of Counties

Governing Board Meeting

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Enterprise Board Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel

Wichita, Kansas


President Russ Frey called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  Board members present were as follows:


Lonie Addis, Labette County Commissioner

Clark Allemang, Butler County Appraiser

Mike Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

Rod Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

Joe Brunk, Sedgwick County Weed Director

Jerry Davis, Finney County Commissioner

Wade Dixon, Greeley County Counselor

Eileen Filbert, Jefferson County Health Department Administrator

Linda Fincham, Marshall County Register of Deeds

Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner

Frances Garcia, Reno County Commissioner

Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

Bill Linde, Woodson County Commissioner

Kathy Peckman, Miami County Clerk

Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff

Ron Sitts, Edwards County Public Works Director


Others present:


Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

Gloria Davis, wife of Commissioner Jerry Davis

Marla Flentje, KAC Education Director

Betsy Gwin, Sedgwick County Commissioner

John Miller, Wallace County Commissioner

Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel

Darryl Peckman, husband of Kathy Peckman




Commissioner Betsy Gwin of Sedgwick County welcomed the KAC Board to Sedgwick County and thanked the board for holding the 27th Annual Conference in Sedgwick County.






Lonie Addis moved, seconded by Kathy Peckman, to approve the October 11, 2002 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.




Gloria Davis, Darryl Peckman and Wallace County Commissioner John Miller were introduced. 


Before the meeting commenced, President Frey asked for a moment of silence in memory of former board member Bobby Heitschmidt, who recently passed away.




Two additional items were requested.  Wade Dixon asked for time to report on the Performance Evaluation Committee.  President Frey asked that time for an executive session be added at the end of the meeting.




Treasurer Mike Billinger asked that the Approval of bills and payrolls and review of the September, 2002 Monthly Financial Report be postponed until the next meeting. 




Executive Director Randy Allen reviewed with the Board the agenda for the conference as well as board/staff assignments and times to report. Judy Moler distributed and discussed the protocols for adoption of the KAC’s 2003 Legislative Policy Statement.  She also distributed copies of a Public Service Announcement regarding 9-1-1 legislation that the KAC will be a part of during the month of December, 2002.




Randy Allen announced that the annual board reorganizational meeting will be held Thursday, December 12, 2002 at the KAC office in Topeka.  There will be a social event that evening with the League of Kansas Municipalities Board at the Kansas International Museum.  On Friday morning, December 13, there will a joint Board meeting with the League Board at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.


Randy asked for consideration of a proposal from the Austin Peters Group to conduct the 2003 Compensation Survey in behalf of the Kansas Association of Counties, at a cost not to exceed $2,774. Kathy Peckman moved, seconded by Joe Brunk, to accept the proposal as recommended by the Executive Director. Motion carried. 


Randy asked for authorization for the KAC President and Executive Director to travel to  a NACo-sponsored meeting for state presidents and state executive directors of county associations on January 8-10, 2003  in Washington, DC.  Randy Rogers moved, seconded by Ron Sitts to approve the travel authorization request. Motion carried.   


Randy announced that through a process established in the Constitution of the Kansas County Commissioners Association, new KAC board members for 2003-4 would be

Commissioner Ted Ensley, Shawnee County; Commissioner Gene Merry, Coffey County; and Commissioner Florence Whitebread, Geary County.  Other Board positions to be appointed or reappointed are from other affiliate groups, including the Register of Deeds, Treasurers, Sheriffs; and Highway Officials.




Wade Dixon announced that the committee had met and was searching for ways to enhance the evaluation process.  Paula Phillips had an opportunity through Kansas Health Foundation training to participate in a Leadership Development program. Paula can order for the board two instruments or documents for use by the Board. They include: Self-Assessment for Association Boards for $126.75, and Assessment of the Chief Executive, for $39.00.  Rod Broberg moved, seconded by Frances Garcia, to purchase these instruments through Paula Phillips.  Motion carried. 




At 9:45 a.m., Wade Dixon moved, seconded by Rod Broberg, that the Board move into executive session for the discussion of non-elected personnel matters and consultation with legal counsel for 10 minutes.  Motion passed.


At 9:55 a.m., the board returned to open session.  No action was taken.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:56 a.m.



Respectfully submitted,





Judy A. Moler, Legislative Services Director/General Counsel



Approved:  ___________________________


                        Lonie Addis, Secretary

                        December 12, 2002