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December 13, 2001

KAC Conference Room, Topeka, Kansas



President Rod Broberg called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.  Those board members present were as follows:


2000-2001 Board Members present:


Lonie Addis, Labette County Commissioner

Mike Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

Joe Brunk, Sedgwick  County Weed Director

Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

Jerry Davis, Finney County Commissioner

Wade Dixon, Greeley County Counselor

Linda Fincham, Marshall County Register of Deeds

Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner

Frances Garcia, Reno County Commissioner

Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

Bill Linde, Woodson County Commissioner

Kathy Peckman, Miami County Clerk

Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff

Ron Sitts, Edwards County Public Works Director

Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer


2000-2001 Board Members not present:


Bobby Heitschmidt, Ellsworth County Commissioner


2001-2002 Board Members present:


Clark Allemang, Butler County Appraiser

Eileen Filbert, Jefferson County Health Department Administrator


Others present:


Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

Marla Flentje, KAC Education Director

Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel

Pam Hatfield, Executive Assistant






Linda Fincham moved, seconded by Paula Phillips, to approve the November 18, 2001 meeting minutes. Motion carried.




Eileen Filbert, Jefferson County Health Department Administrator, and Clark Allemang, Butler County Appraiser, were welcomed to the KAC Governing Board.  Eileen fills a new position on the KAC Board, representing the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments. Clark will be filling the position that Rod Broberg held (representing the Kansas County Appraisers Association) while Rod continues on the board as Past President. 




Agenda item number 11, concerning renewal of insurance coverage, was deferred to the next board meeting.




Treasurer Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Russ Frey, to approve the bill and payrolls for December, 2001. Motion carried.  Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Russ Frey, to approve and place the monthly financial report for October, 2001 on file. Motion carried.




Executive Director Randy Allen commented that the KAC Board adopted a 2002 budget of $708,550, financed in part by $323,000 in member county dues, at its November 18, 2001 meeting. No action was taken at that time concerning the allocation of 2002 member dues. Randy reviewed the existing (2001) procedure for allocating county membership dues, as follows:


1)     Base Dues.  All member counties are first assessed a base amount of $415 each, regardless of population or assessed valuation. With 105 member counties, the base dues yield $43,575.

2)     Allocation of Balance.  The balance of member county dues ($317,330 less $43,575, or $273,755 in 2001) is split into two equal amounts to be allocated among member counties, with $136,877.50 allocated on the basis of relative population and $136,877.50 allocated on the basis of relative assessed valuation.




3)     Ceiling.  In 2001, no county paid more than $11,400 in membership dues; with the base dues of $415, no county paid more than $5,492.50 for the portion of dues allocated on the basis of population and no county paid more than $5,492.50 for the portion of dues allocated on the basis of assessed valuation.


Randy Allen recommended an allocation formula for 2002 dues identical to the one used in the recent past, with the following exceptions: 1) the base dues would increase from $415 to $425; and 2) the ceiling on the maximum amount of dues would increase from $11,400 to $11,600.  Both changes are intended to ensure that all counties - regardless of size - share in the 1.8% dues increase in 2002.


Wade Dixon moved, seconded by Randy Rogers, to allocate $323,000 in membership dues in 2002 with the changes in the allocation formula as recommended by the Executive Director. Motion carried. 




A summary/evaluation of the 26th Annual Conference was distributed. Board members were provided a list of attendees by region and affiliate/associate group. Overall, attendance at the 26th Annual Conference were up about 5% from the previous year. Randy told the board to expect some changes in the programming for next year's conference, to avoid falling into a "rut" from doing things the same year after year. 




Rod gave his best wishes to the board for their hard work over the past year, and indicated his joy in working with them.  He is optimistic about the future of the KAC.  Rod was given a round of applause from all board members and staff members present. 




Nancy gave a brief good-bye to fellow board members and staff as she prepared to leave the board.  She leaves with fond memories and sees a positive future for the KAC. 




Rod Broberg, retiring KAC President, asked for nominations for the office of KAC President.


Frances Garcia nominated Russ Frey for President. 


Randy Rogers moved, seconded by Frances Garcia, that nominations for President cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Russ Frey as KAC President.  Motion carried. 


Russ thanked Rod Broberg and Nancy Weeks for their hard work and dedication to the KAC and to this Board for so many years.  He looks forward to working hard together, and stressed that unity and communication were important, as are strategic alliances.  He challenged the board to be the best that they can be in the new year. 


President Russ Frey asked for nominations for the office of Vice President.


Joe Brunk nominated Wade Dixon for Vice President. 


Kathy Peckman moved, seconded by Frances Garcia that nominations for Vice President cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Wade Dixon as KAC Vice President.  Motion carried. 


President Frey asked for nominations for the office of KAC Secretary.


Paula Phillips nominated Lonie Addis for Secretary. 


Randy Rogers moved, seconded by Jerry Davis, that nominations for Secretary cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Lonie Addis as KAC Secretary. Motion carried.


President Frey asked for nominations for the office of KAC Treasurer.


Lonie Addis nominated Mike "Mickey" Billinger for Treasurer. 


Kathy Peckman moved, seconded by Frances Garcia that nominations for Treasurer cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Mike Billinger as KAC Treasurer.  Motion carried. 




A copy of the current KAC "in-house" calendar was distributed to board members.  Randy requested that all affiliate or associate meeting dates be placed on this internal calendar, to assist us in scheduling events.  If dates for future meetings are known, or as they become available, please contact Pam in the Topeka office. 









Dates for the 2002 KAC Governing Board meetings were discussed and confirmed.  They are: January 18, February 12, March 15, May 17, June 28 (in Manhattan), August 16, October 18, November 17 (Conference in Wichita), and December 12. 




President Russ Frey appointed Dean Kruse, Frances Garcia, and Linda Fincham as members of the 2002 Finance Committee, joining Mike Billinger, Treasurer, who serves as Finance Committee Chair according to the bylaws.




Lonie Addis gave a brief report on his recent NACo Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He noted that budget is still a deep concern, and that there are major cut backs in the NACo budget this year.  The first draft of the 2002 NACo budget is available if anyone wishes to see a copy. 




Gene Merry and Marci Penner, representing the Kansas Sampler Foundation, briefed the board on the programs of the Kansas Sampler Foundation and, more specifically, 'The Guidebook', for which they requested funding from the KAC.

Russ Frey recommended that the board take the request under advisement, with further evaluation and discussion of the proposal to occur later.


At 3:05 p.m. the board recessed. At 3:15 p.m. the meeting resumed.




Randy Allen asked for board approval and authorization for board and staff travel to the following meetings: 1) the KAC President and KAC Executive Director to travel to the annual State Association Presidents/Executive Directors meeting in Washington, D.C., January 9-11, 2002; and 2) the KAC President, NACo Repre- sentative, Executive Director, and Legislative Services Director to attend the annual NACo Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., March 1-5, 2002.


Randy Rogers moved, seconded by Jerry Davis to approve both travel requests for the persons and dates requested. Motion carried.







Randy Allen reported that the Overland Park Convention Center and hotel contracts for the 2003 and 2004 conferences have been signed. He reported that the new Sheraton Hotel which will connect with the new Overland Park Convention Center is on its way to completion and looks great.  Overland Park and the new facilities will be a wonderful venue for the annual conferences. Randy reminded KAC Board members about the cooperative purchasing alliance we have in conjunction with NACo.  If a county is doing business with Office Depot or any of the other vendors associated with this cooperative purchasing agreement, please let Randy know, as we are trying to track the progress of counties statewide. 


The KAC has received its grant monies from the Kansas Health Foundation for the Public Health Fellowship.  The check has been cashed, and the monies have been invested and are already collecting interest!  The Kansas City Star will be running an ad for the Public Health Fellow position.  He is currently working on a job description to keep on file.


Randy briefed the board on a proposal to establish, cooperatively with the League of Kansas Municipalities, a task force to deal with Homeland Security issues.


Randy Rogers moved, seconded by Frances Garcia to accept the recommendation for a Homeland Security Task Force and authorize the KAC President to make appointments to this task force.  Motion carried.


A list of those counties who have not sent in their county budgets or valuations for 2002 was distributed. Board members are encouraged to remind their clerks or finance directors (if their county is mentioned), to send this information to the KAC offices as soon as possible. 


Randy Allen briefed the board on the possibility for the Education Program staff to move from very cramped quarters in Wichita to larger, more suitable space in the same facility. He reviewed a new lease agreement, as well as office design, which would nearly double office space for Marla Flentje and Kendra Maikori at 3500 N. Rock Road in Wichita.  


Rod Broberg moved, seconded by Frances Garcia to enter into a new lease agreement with Re/Max Realty Associates for the Education Program staff in Wichita.  Motion carried.


Randy reminded the board about the dinner with the members of the League of Kansas Municipalities Board that evening at the Bradbury Thompson Center on the Washburn University campus. He gave the schedule for the following day's joint meeting with the League board, which will include presentations by and discussions with Sen. Derek Schmidt and Rep. Gerry Ray. 


Judy Moler reminded board members of County Government Day, February 12, 2002, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, in Topeka


Marla Flentje distributed a quarterly report regarding the Kansas County Government Institute.  She asked the board members to "watch the web", as we would be putting all of the listings for classes on our calendar at the KAC web site -


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:18 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,





­­                                                                                    __________________________.

Pamela Hatfield,

Executive Assistant



Approved:   _____________________________.

                    Lonie Addis, Secretary

                    January 18, 2002