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Kansas Association of Counties Office

Topeka, Kansas

Friday, June 22, 2001



President Rod Broberg called the meeting to order at 10:40 a.m.  Those board members present were as follows:


Lonie Addis, Labette County Commissioner

Mike Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

Joe Brunk, Sedgwick County Weed Director

Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

Wade Dixon, Greeley County Counselor

Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner

Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

Bobby Heitschmidt, Ellsworth County Commissioner

Bill Linde, Woodson County Commissioner

Kathy Peckman, Miami County Clerk

Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

Ron Sitts, Edwards County Public Works Director

Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer


Those board members not present were:


Frances Garcia, Reno County Commissioner

Linda Fincham, Marshall County Register of Deeds

Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff


Others present were:


Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

Marla Flentje, KAC Education Director

Pam Hatfield, KAC Executive Assistant




President Broberg asked if there were any additions or corrections to be made to the minutes from the May 23, 2001 meeting.  There were none.  Russ Frey moved, seconded by Bobby Heitschmidt to approve the minutes of May 23, 2001 meeting.  Motion approved.







There were none.




Finance Committee Chairman Nancy Weeks presented the bills and payrolls dated June 22, 2001, as earlier reviewed by the Finance Committee, for approval.   


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Russ Frey, to approve the board approve the bills and payrolls as submitted, and as previously reviewed by the Finance Committee. Motion carried.


Nancy reviewed the Monthly Financial Report for the month ending April, 2001 with the board. 


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Bobby Heitschmidt to receive and place on file the Monthly Financial Report for April, 2001.  Motion carried.




Randy Allen, Executive Director, reported that the Request for Proposals (RFP) for audit of the Association's financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2000 had been mailed to five accounting firms. Of the five firms receiving the RFP, three firms responded. They included Summers, Spencer and Cavanaugh; Berberich Trahan and Company, P.A.; and Wendling Noe Nelson and Johnson, LLC. 


Randy indicated that the firm of Summers, Spencer and Cavanaugh, CPAs Chartered had conducted the annual audit for five consecutive years (fiscal years 1995-1999) pursuant to a formal RFP process completed in 1996. Randy indicated that the KAC's Request for Proposal required each firm to submit a copy of their peer review report. All three proposals included evidence of a peer review report. Randy indicated that all three firms are fully capable of conducting the audit and all could do the work in a professional manner.  The not to exceed costs for audit of the financial statements for the year ending 2000 were estimated by the various firms as follows:


            Summers, Spencer and Cavanaugh                               $ 4,200

            Wendling Noe Nelson and Johnson                               $ 5,500

            Berberich Trahan and Company                                    $ 4,600


Randy explained that he has always been very pleased with the work that Summers, Spencer and Cavanaugh has done for the KAC, and that they have always been good to work with.  He felt that getting the RFPs was a good move this year, as it is a good indicator to himself and the Board that the amount we are paying for our annual audit is within fair limits.  It also affirms that we are looking at a good proposal from Summers Spencer and Cavanaugh. 

Nancy Weeks indicated that the Finance Committee had reviewed the proposals in detail prior to the board meeting and recommended that the KAC continue to engage Summers Spencer and Cavanaugh, CPAs to audit the Association's financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2000.


Kathy Peckman moved, seconded by Russ Frey that the KAC engage the firm of Summers, Spencer and Cavanaugh, to conduct the audit of the KAC's financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2000. Motion carried.




Executive Director Randy Allen reported on the following recent activities at the KAC offices:


1)      A letter from the Kansas Center for Community Economic Development was received at the KAC offices on May 2, 2001, expressing its thanks to the KAC for our sponsorship in helping to make their conference a success.  We supply them with data, in the form of mailing labels, for their mailings every year. 


2)      State mileage rates will be going up effective July 1, 2001.  The KAC's business travel policy links our mileage rate for personal mileage on vehicles to the rate paid by the State.  These rates will change from $.325/mile to $.33/mile. Governing Board Travel Expense Reimbursement forms have been changed to reflect this change and will be available to all staff and Board members beginning July 1.  Until that time, the $.325 reimbursement rate will be in effect.  


3)      Networks Plus has installed a new Pentium III file server in the KAC Topeka office.  With the addition of Road Runner internet services to our Topeka office last week, and the installation of an new "anti-virus" program on the file server sometime today, the KAC office automation in Topeka is running "state of the art".  The reviews have been nothing but positive from staff, and the security of the anti-virus will have all of us resting a little easier. 


4)      Dr. Joe Aistrup of the Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State

University has requested that the KAC co-sponsor the 2001 Telepower conference, to be held September 26-27 in Hays. The theme of this year's conference is "Telepower - E-vision Your Future 2001".  Consistent with our strategic goals of encouraging counties to improve their technology infrastructure - both internally and in their communities, the KAC will be a co-sponsor for this event, and will give $1,000 to partially underwrite conference costs. Any county official will then be able to register for the event for $49.00 per person, while a regular fee of $100 will be charged to non-county officials who participate.  Board members are encouraged to attend and to spread the word about this event. 


5)      Randy sits on the Economic Development Technical Advisory Committee for updating the strategic plan of Kansas, Inc. The committee has been meeting for several months, and a final report of recommendations is due soon. Randy indicated that the report will identify some of the state's vulnerabilities with respect to our economy. It is hoped that these "vulnerabilities" will not be perceived as weaknesses, but as areas that are in need of attention to better themselves.  The new economic strategy report should be available soon, and Randy will try to get a summary for the board to view. 


6)      A draft comprehensive revision to the Association's Personnel Policies and Procedures was distributed to all board members.  Randy informed the board members that the current Personnel Policy and Procedures document was adopted in 1994, with a change to the business travel policy adopted in 1996.

One of Randy's performance goals this year has been to thoroughly review the current policy handbook and make recommendations for updating and modernizing the policy and procedure statements with the assistance of Judy Moler, KAC General Counsel. An attorney with the firm of Goodell, Stratton, Edmonds and Palmer will review the document for legal compliance before it is next discussed by the board at the August 17 meeting. Randy reviewed the

Contents of the document for well over and hour, and there was considerable board discussion. Further consideration and final action on the policy document will be scheduled for the August 17, 2001 meeting. 


7)      The vacancy left by Riley Winkler will be filled after the Executive Committee of the Kansas County Commissioners Association selects a replacement from among southwest Kansas commissioners who have expressed an interest in serving. The new appointee may be in place by our August 17, 2001 meeting. 


8)   Randy appeared on the radio program Coffee Time, with host Roger Nelson

on station KFKC in Concordia, to discuss issues relating to county government. 


The meeting recessed at 11:55 a.m. for lunch, and resumed at 12:35 p.m.




The 2002 Legislative Policy Development Calendar, an agenda for the 2002 Legislative Policy Process Kick-Off Meeting on July 6, and written established protocols for developing the Association's annual legislative platform were distributed to board members.  The kick-off meeting will be held beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka on Friday, July 6, 2001. Sen. Derek Schmidt and Rep. Melany Barnes, along with panel moderated by Mike Taylor, City of Wichita intergovernmental relations liaison and former television reporter, will review the recent 2001 legislative session and



forecast issues for the upcoming 2002 session.  A full review of the day will be given at the KAC Governing Board meeting August 17, 2001.  A video uplink will again be scheduled at various sites around Kansas this fall, for the purpose of informing members about the draft 2002 legislative platform.




Lonie Addis, NACo representative to the KAC Board, distributed a schedule of events for the NACo Annual Conference, to be held July 13 -17, 2001 in Philadelphia.  Lonie, Rod Broberg, Judy Moler and Randy Allen will be attend the conference, along with

more than thirty other Kansans, many of whom serve on various NACo policy steering committees.


Nominations to the several NACo Policy Steering Committee were distributed by Randy Allen.  County name, committee appointment and names of candidates were listed. 


Wade Dixon moved, seconded by Kathy Peckman to endorse the list of 2001--2002 NACo Steering Committee nominees.  Motion carried.




Odyssey to Excellence is the theme for the 26th Annual Conference to be held in Wichita, November 18-20, 2001.  Keynote speakers have not been lined up yet, and are still in the works.  The board was presented a draft policy statement detailing the purpose and organization of the annual conference for its review and consideration. 


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Kathy Peckman to adopt the KAC Governing Board Policy Statement for the 26th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Wichita, November 18 - 20, 2001.  Motion carried.



The board continued its review and discussion of the Awards and Recognitions Committee report, as distributed at the May meeting in Greeley County. After discussion, a consensus was reached around the following policies:

1)      the KAC will provide for recognition to county officials who have completed 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, and 48 years (in the past, recognition was provided to persons who had completed 8, 16, 24, and 48 years only);

2)      as has been customary, announcement of the awards program will be again printed in the County Comment;

3)      all KAC past presidents will continue to be recognized at the annual awards banquet

4)      service awards will be announced at the annual banquet. Recipients are requested and encouraged to submit a picture to be used at the awards banquet.  

5)      All KAC members who have earned certificates in any one of the programs sponsored by the Kansas County Government Institute (KAC's education program) will be recognized at the annual awards banquet.

6)      An opportunity will be provided at the annual banquet for outside  organizations to announce and confer an award given to recognize the accomplishments of a county government in Kansas.

7)      An opportunity will be provided for KAC affiliate and associate organizations to confer an award to a most deserving official at the annual awards banquet.

8)      Any new recognition awards will be further studied by the Awards and Recognitions Committee and considered prior to the planning of the 2002 annual conference.  

Kathy Peckman moved, seconded by Russ Frey to approve the recommendations of the Awards and Recognitions Committee, as further refined by the KAC Board.   Motion carried.   


Marla Flentje, Education Director, reported that the newest Effective Supervisory Skills (ESS) class brochures would be mailed soon. The registration numbers for the ESS workshops are still running at a good pace.  There was board discussion regarding the relatively low numbers of registrations which are being received for workshops offered in western Kansas, however. There will be more dialogue with respect to this situation, as the demand for enrollment in the central and eastern workshop locations often means we cannot accept all of the registrations received while there are considerable vacancies in the western locations.  

Marla continues to provide staff support for the Local Environmental Protection (LEPP) Committee under a contract, and in such role has facilitated five regional dialogues across the state about the future of the LEPP. 


Russ Frey, Chairman of the Executive Director Performance Review Committee, noted that there was no need to go into executive session.  The committee consists of himself, Wade Dixon, Rod Broberg and Paula Phillips.  Russ informed the board that they would soon be mailing a packet containing Randy's 2000-2001 Performance Goals and Objectives, along with an appraisal form. The performance appraisal form should be


completed and returned to Russ at his Manhattan home address no later than July 20, 2001. Instructions will all be included in his cover letter to the board members.  Russ will then summarize the appraisals for review with the Executive Director at the August 17, 2001 meeting.  


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Bobby Heitschmidt, that the board meeting be adjourned.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m. 



Respectfully submitted,




­                                                            ­___________________.

Pamela J. Hatfield,

Executive Assistant




Approved by the KAC Board:





Wade Dixon, KAC Secretary

August 17, 2001