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Wednesday, February 9, 2000

KAC Office, 6206 SW 9th Terrace, Topeka, Kansas



President Don Hanson called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.  Board members present were as follows:


Board Members:


Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

Joe Brunk, Sedgwick County Weed Director

Wade M. Dixon, Greeley County Attorney/County Counselor

Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner

Donald Hanson, Ellsworth County Commissioner

Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

William (Bill) Linde, Woodson County Commissioner

Darryl Lutz, Butler County Engineer

Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

Linda Schreppel, Labette County Clerk

Sara Ullmann, Johnson County Register of Deeds

Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner


Board members not present were:


Frances Garcia, Reno County Commissioner

Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff


Others present were:


Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel

Marla Flentje, KAC Education Director

Pam Hatfield, KAC Executive Assistant

Jim Williams, Riley County Commissioner

Stan Morgan, Riley County Administrative Services Director/County Counselor


Approval of Minutes


Bill Linde moved, seconded by Paula Phillips to approve the minutes of the January  18, 2000 meeting.  Motion carried.


Meeting Agenda Additions/Corrections


President Hanson requested that an additional item be added, between # 9 & #10 on our agenda, regarding the Performance Evaluation Committee’s report on the process for the board's evaluation of the Executive Director, Randy Allen. 


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Rod Broberg to accept the agenda as amended.

Motion carried.  


Finance Committee Report


Finance Committee Chairperson Nancy Weeks reviewed the list of bills and payments submitted for approval.  The total amount of bills/payrolls was $32,845.21. Nancy indicated that the bills

and invoices had been examined by the Finance Committee at its earlier meeting and that the Finance Committee recommended approval of the bills as submitted. She called the board's attention to the unusually large payment to Networks Plus ($5,374), which included purchase of a laptop computer and carrying case for Judy Moler, Legislative Director, and a replacement computer for Shelley Sterbenz, who handles the invoices and accounts receivables function.


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Linda Schreppel to approve the bills as submitted.  Motion carried.


Nancy reviewed the Monthly Financial Report as of February 8, 2000 and brought it to the attention of board members. The cash balance was $360,375.55. It was noted that the December, 1999 financials have not been reviewed as they are still in preparation by the KAC's accountants, BCC. Nancy relayed to the board members that the KAC Voyager Van is currently in the shop having a complete transmission overhaul.  The good news is that this is covered on our extended warranty, and will only cost the KAC the $50.00 deductible.  Nancy requested that at the next KAC Governing Board there be a discussion item concerning the replacement of the van. 


Executive Director’s Report


Executive Director Randy Allen elaborated on the status of the KAC Voyager Van.  Fortunately, the extended lease is still in effect, turning a $1200.00+ problem into a $50.00 one. 


Randy was pleased to announce that the first edition of the Research Report  (February, 2000) has been mailed, and is receiving rave reviews and very positive comments.  He reminded the board that the February, 2000 Research Report is sponsored by Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C., and that is it truly “ground-breaking” for us.  There will be a budget / tax issue done on an annual basis, as well as three other reports, including the next issue (March, 2000) on the development of the county administrator position in Kansas counties. The third report, due this summer, will be on counties' economic development roles and the many ways that county governments structure their economic development programs. Board members inquired as to whether the Research Reports could be added to the KAC's website, and encouraged Randy to pursue this further.


Randy reported that he had recently been contacted by Ms. Carol Peak, Kansas Center for Rural Initiatives, concerning the possibility of the KAC partnering with the KCRI to provide training to local officials on the importance of entrepreneurship in rural communities and the encouraging role that local governing bodies can serve.  The KCRI is applying for a grant from the Kaufmann Foundation to establish such a program. Randy indicated that he will furnish additional information to the board at a later time. Board members seemed interested and pleased to learn more. 


The Wichita office is gaining a part-time office assistant to help Marla.  She begins in 2 weeks, much to Marla’s delight. The parttime position was authorized by the board several months ago, but has remain unfilled pending selection of the right person to fill the vacancy. The new employee, Kendra Grubbs, will work afternoons, generally from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.


Marla informed the Board of a recently-convened ad hoc Education Program Advisory Committee meeting in McPherson.  It was well attended (12 persons), and she feels they have some good ground work to start from.  She indicated that there are some very high expectations from those who have attended Kansas County Government Institute workshops. She encouraged us to “surf”

Commissioner Bill Linde’s website that he created himself, as she was most impressed.  It can be found at


NACo Report


Linda Peterson was pleased to announce that Sumner, Gove, Wilson, Norton and Greeley counties are the newest members of the National Association of Counties (NACo), bringing the number of Kansas counties who are NACo members to 64.  Graham County may not be renewing its NACo membership.  She showed the board the “Join the Team” and “Thanks for Joining” notes that she sends out to prospective and new member counties.  Linda reminded the board about the work that NACo is doing to protect counties' sales taxes as they are impacted by e-commerce. She also indicated that as a special incentive to members, counties can participate in an Office Depot program which offers a 61% discount on office supplies and equipment. Randy

made mention of the fact that county officials wanting to convey concerns to our congressional delegation in Washington call call a toll-free number provided by NACo (1-800-LEG-NACo), and they will connect you with congressional offices on Capitol Hill.  There are no long distance charges. This is a service provided by NACo, regardless of whether a county is a NACo member county.


2000 Legislative Session Update

Judy Moler was pleased to announce that the morning County Government Day activities were a success!  It was very well attended, and many thought the best that KAC has ever provided.  Many board members spoke of the diverse speakers, and topics, that were of interest to everyone.  She mentioned that this has been the wildest legislative session yet, with she and Randy testifying on an almost daily basis, sometimes more than once a day.  A demand transfer “Rally Day” was discussed as a means to get the word out, and make a statement of the import-ance of demand transfers to local governments.  


Focus Session:  2000 Annual Conference


A copy of a draft KAC Governing Board Policy Statement on the upcoming 25th Annual Conference was distributed to each board member for discussion.  After allowing time to carefully read each page, discussion began.  The purpose statement was approved by members. There was some discussion as to the “opening” of the Annual Conference day/time, as well as the deletion of the Saturday Leadership Academy workshop which will not be held this year, following a rather poor turn-out and response last year.  Theme Ideas were discussed, and considerations made to some suggestions.  Past President, Sara Ullmann expressed a desire to see “25 or 25th or Silver” in the title or theme in some way.  This discussed, Paula Phillips suggested “Celebrating the Silver…Reaching for Gold” as her suggestion.  This was a popular suggestion, and will be taken into consideration along with other ideas. It was agreed by consensus that the Executive Director would consult with the President and Association officers prior to confirming the final annual conference theme for 2000. 


The 2001 and 2002 conference sites and dates will be finalized at the March 17, 2000 meeting.  The time for “holding” spots at various hotels is winding down, and a final decision must be made.  The Hyatt Regency/Century II complex in Wichita is possible for 2001 and 2002. A new conference facility will be under construction soon in Overland Park, which may be a suitable site for the 2002 or 2003 annual conferences.





Evaluation Committee Report


Rod Broberg, Chair of the Evaluation Committee for the Executive Director's performance appraisal, reported that his committee had met and had revised the evaluation form to be used by the full board in evaluating Randy Allen’s performance.  There was board discussion about the timing of the conclusion of Mr. Allen's current employment agreement (expires in June, 2000) as well as the timing of the performance appraisal preceding the conclusion of the current employment agreement. It was explained that in order to provide a 90-day window of time before the conclusion of the current agreement, that the performance appraisal needs to be given Mr. Allen at the March, 2000 board meeting. Committee member Wade M. Dixon commented that it required the board to annually prioritize the goals and objectives in writing.  It includes a job description, including benefits and compensation.  


The committee members have much work ahead as they complete this process, but Chair Rod Broberg expressed their desire to have a quick turn around on evaluation forms from the board members as they are mailed out.  Rod Broberg indicated that he would mail the evaluation forms  in the very near future, so they can be completed and tabulated prior to the March 17, 2000 board meeting.


With no further business, President Don Hanson adjourned the meeting at 3:47 p.m.





                                                                        Respectfully submitted,






                                                                        Pam Hatfield, Executive Assistant




Approved by KAC Board:





Darryl Lutz, KAC Secretary

March 17, 2000