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August 11, 2000

KAC Offices, 6202 SW 9th Terrace, Topeka, Kansas





President Don Hanson called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.  Those present included:


Board Members:

          Rod Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

          Joe Brunk, Sedgwick County Weed Director

          Wade Dixon, Greeley County Attorney/County Counselor

          Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner

          Frances Garcia, Reno County Commissioner

          Don Hanson, Ellsworth County Commissioner

          Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

          Bill Linde, Woodson County Commissioner

          Darryl Lutz, Butler County Commissioner

          Kathy Peckman, Miami County Clerk

          Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

          Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

          Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff

          Sara Ullman, Johnson County Register of Deeds

          Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

          Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner



          Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

          July Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director

          Brenda Flanagan, Summers, Spencer & Cavanaugh, CPAs


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Nancy Weeks to appove the June 29, 2000 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.


Frances Garcia moved, seconded by Wade Dixon to approve the agenda as presented for the August 11, 2000 meeting.  Motion carried.


Finance Committee Report


A copy of the bills and payrolls was provided to Board members by Finance Committee Chair Nancy Weeks.


Finance Committee Chairperson Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Rod Broberg,

to approve the bills as submitted.  Motion carried. 


Nancy Weeks reviewed the Monthly Financial Report.  She highlighted monthly expenditures and revenues indicating that the financial condition of the organization is very solid, but that the budget is very tight.   Randy Allen indicated that he intends to bring recommendations to the board at the September, 2000 meeting to ensure that expenditures stay within the budget.



Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Russ Frey, to accept and place on file the May, 2000 Monthly Financial Report as submitted.  Motion carried.


KAC Audit Report


Brenda Flanagan, accountant with Summers, Spencer & Cavanaugh CPAs, provided a copy of the audit of the KAC financial statement for the year ending December 31, 1999.  She provided a graphic presentation of revenues and expenditures of the past five years and discussed all information with Board members.


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Sara Ullmann, to receive and file the Audit Report of the December 31, 1999 financial statements. Motion carried.


Vehicle Replacement


Randy Allen reviewed the current condition and staff use of KAC’s 1997 Plymouth Voyager.  He indicated that it is time to replace the vehicle, based on the vehicle's mileage and the adopted 2000 KAC budget. He recommended that the KAC not expand its fleet beyond the one vehicle owned and keep the existing vehicle for staff use. He said that the present arrangement of reimbursing employees (Marla Flentje and Judy Moler, most usually) for their use of personal vehicles is working well. Randy presented a document titled a “Corporate Resolution to Borrow”

Obtained from the KAC's depository bank, Columbian Bank. If we were to finance a portion of the vehicle through a bank loan, this document would be required. Board members discussed various financing options and urged the Executive Director to check out the current low interest financing (0.9% in some cases) offered by dealers on new vehicles.


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Darryl Lutz, to authorize Executive Director Randy Allen to purchase a replacement vehicle and use the current Plymouth Voyager as a trade-in, and negotiate the best possible interest rate and price.

Motion carried.


Executive Director’s Report


Randy Allen summarized his recommendation to lease approximately 100 square feet of office space in the Topeka office to the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD), an associate organization of the KAC. He indicated that the KALHD has hired an Executive Director,

Ms. Edie Snethen, and has agreed to the lease arrangements. The lease period would be for one year beginning September 1, 2000 and the rent would be $165/month, or $1,980 annually.   Randy indicated that he had discussed the arrangement with Jamie Henderson, owner of the building that houses KAC's Topeka office.  Mr. Henderson stated to Randy that he had no problem with KAC subleasing space to KALHD and that he did not consider the arrangement a sublease.


Darryl Lutz moved, seconded by Wade Dixon, to authorize Randy Allen to sign the lease agreement between Kansas Association of Counties and Kansas Association of Local Health Departments.  Motion carried.


Randy reminded the Board that KAC has been a member of the Midwest Conference of Counties (MCC) for two years.  The annual membership fee is $500.  In 1998, Randy and Nancy Weeks, the Board’s elected representative, attended the Conference.  No MCC conference was held in 1999. Randy recommended that the membership be discontinued, as he perceives that the benefits to Kansas at this time do not merit the cost of the membership dues.


Sara Ullmann moved, seconded by Frances Garcia, that KAC not renew membership with the Midwest Conference of Counties.  Motion carried.


Randy provided a summary of the Cooperative Purchasing Program offered through the National Association of Counties Financial Services Center.  This program offers significant discounts from a variety of vendors to counties that participate.  KAC has an opportunity to act as sponsor for the program.  Sponsorship and endorsement of the program does not require anyone (i.e. a specific county or the KAC) to purchase office supplies or computer supplies from designated vendors. In fact, it provides additional options. Some counties will want to continue purchasing office supplies from local vendors. Others may use the program occasionally. Others may use it a lot.     


Sara Ullmann moved, seconded by Linda Peterson, to enter into an agreement with NACo Financial Services Center for participation in the Cooperative Purchasing Alliance.  Motion carried.


The Board recessed for lunch at 12:10 p.m.  Don announced that Rod Broberg, KAC Vice President, would preside over the meeting after the recess.


The Board resumed the meeting at 1:00p.m. with Rod Broberg presiding.


Randy informed the Board that all of the remaining surplus furniture and equipment which had been stored by the Association since the significant downsizing in the mid-1995 has now been sold to counties. With the surplus furniture now removed, the storage room in the Topeka office has now been cleaned and organized.


The 2nd Quarter Education Program Report prepared by Marla Flentje, Education Director, was

reviewed and discussed with the board. 


Randy reminded board members that the KAC is compiling information about the outcomes of the August, 2000 primary elections and all candidates for county offices in the November, 2000 general elections. He requests that lists with this information from each county be sent to the KAC office as soon as possible. He said that this information, as well as 2001 county budgets, were requested of all county clerks in a previous letter.


Randy reviewed plans for the September 22, 2000 KAC Board meeting in Burlington, Kansas.


Randy provided Board members with a copy of a newsletter of the Kansas Chapter of the Government Finance Officers Association (KSGFOA). Several county officials from across the state are participating in the new organization, and Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo is in a leadership position in the new organization. Randy commended the organization to county officials.


Request for Travel


Randy requested authorization from the Board to attend 1) a briefing of all state association directors on September 10-12, 2000 in Columbus, Ohio to learn about the status of the KAC's deferred compensation program administered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions; and 2)

The annual meeting of the National Council of County Association Executives, NCCAE, (Randy's peers in other state associations) in Hilton Head, South Carolina on October 18-21, 2000. The Columbus, Ohio travel expenses will be reimbursed by the National Association of Counties.


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Rod Broberg, to authorize Randy Allen to attend and be reimbursed for expenses for the meeting with Nationwide Retirement Solutions

on September 10-12, 2000 in Columbus, Ohio.  Motion carried.


Sara Ullmann moved, seconded by Nancy Weeks, to authorize Randy Allen to attend the annual meeting of the National Council of County Association Executives, October 18-21, 2000 in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Motion carried.


Strategic Planning Committee Report


Randy and Darryl Lutz, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, briefed the Board on the results of the recent regional focus sessions.  Darryl indicated that the Committee meets in one week to review all of the suggestions gained through the process and to prepare its recommendations to the KAC Board in time for the September 22, 2000 board meeting.


Legislative Report


Judy Moler reported on the very successful July 11, 2000 videoconference for Freedom of Information Officers attended by about 300 persons. The event was co-sponsored with the League of Kansas Municipalities. The new brochures on the Kansas Open Records Act have been requested by most counties. 25 complimentary copies have been provided by the KAC to each county, and the KAC is selling additional copies at a nominal cost.


Judy informed the Board that the 2001 KAC Legislative Platform Committee has met twice.  They are working to have the first draft completed by late August or early September.  A special task force on noxious weed issues appointed by President Don Hanson is being assembled.  The legislative platform will be provided to the KAC membership in a videoconference in late September.


Other Business


Board members discussed concerns related to demand transfers from the last legislative session.  State budget issues and state-local relations were also discussed. 


The Board adjourned at 2:10 p.m.


                                                                             Respectfully submitted,



Paula A. Phillips

Secretary pro tem


Approved by KAC Board:



Darryl Lutz, KAC Secretary

September 22, 2000