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Interhab Conference Room, Jayhawk Tower


January 19, 1999




                                President Sara Ullmann called the meeting to order at 10:55 a.m. Board

                        members present were as follows:


                        Sara Ullmann, Johnson County Register of Deeds

                        Don Hanson,  Ellsworth County Commissioner

                        Rodney Broberg,  Saline County Appraiser

                        Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

                        Randy Duncan, Sedgwick County Emergency Management Director

                        Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

                        Alan Winkler,  Wabaunsee County Commissioner

                        Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner

                        Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

                        Kenneth Meier, Harvey County Commissioner

                        Jean Barber, Allen County Commissioner

                        Michael Dailey, Wyandotte County Sheriff

                        David Heger, Miami County Counselor

                        Darryl Lutz, Butler County Engineer

                        Robert Abel, Jr., Jefferson County Weed Director


                        Linda Schreppel, Labette County Clerk, was absent.


                        Others present were:


                        Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

                        Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel



                        ADDITIONS/DELETIONS TO AGENDA:


                        Bob Abel, Jr. asked for time to present a request for board support of his

                        nomination to participate in the 1999 class of Leadership Kansas. President

                        Ullmann added Bob’s request to the agenda, with discussion to occur during the

Executive Director’s report.  Randy Allen requested that presentation of the financial summary of the 23rd Annual Conference be deferred to the February 9 meeting. 


                        APPROVAL OF MINUTES:


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Jean Barber, to approve the minutes of the December 10, 1998 board meeting, as presented. Motion carried.




Jean Barber presented the Finance Committees report in the absence of Finance

Committee Chairperson Linda Schreppel.


Jean reviewed the list of bills and payrolls dated January 19, 1999, totaling

$111,615.50.  The bills included a few large disbursements directly related to

the 23rd Annual Conference, including a $61,419.10 payment to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Wichita.  Of the total payment to the Hyatt Regency, $56,030.05 was directly attributable to food costs. The disbursement includes

the cost of the Friendship Luncheon shared by the County Clerks, Treasurers,

and Registers of Deeds, which will be reimbursed by the three associations.


Don Hanson moved, seconded by Bob Abel, Jr. to approve the bills and

payrolls as presented.  Motion carried.


Jean and Randy reviewed the Monthly Financial Report for the month ending

November 30, 1998, which indicated that through the first eleven months of

the year, the Association had received 93.6% of its budgeted revenue of $561,080, and had expended 75.4% of its budgeted annual expenditures of



Jean Barber moved, seconded by Mike Dailey, to receive and place on file

the Monthly Financial Report for the month ending November 30, 1998.




Randy Allen presented a Partnership Agreement between the KAC and the

Kansas County Commissioners Association (KCCA) which had been earlier

approved by the KCCA Executive Committee. The Agreement establishes

an education partnership between KAC and KCCA in joint sponsorship of

the new Kansas Leadership Academy for County Commissioners, the organizing

entity for education programs of particular significance to county commissioners

in Kansas


Under the Partnership Agreement, the KAC’s role over a 2-year period (i.e.

1999-2000) is to develop, organize, and implement the educational programming of the Academy; hold a 10-hour workshop  (“Introduction to the Commissioner’s Job”) in February, 1999; hold six four-hour workshops identified as “core” classes, with each of the four-hour workshops offered at three regional sites around the state; and administer the financial affairs and recordkeeping of the

Academy.  The KCCA’s role is to provide ideas, suggestions, and feedback to the

KAC and KAC staff concerning Academy programs, and subsidize participation in the Academy by paying the KAC $1,550 for the “Introduction to the Commis-

sioner’s Job” workshop and $1,250 for each of the remaining core workshops offered over the two-year period.  It is further agreed that in November, 1999, the

KAC staff and KCCA Executive Committee will meet to review the status and

progress of the partnership and assess next steps, future changes, et. al.  Randy

indicated that there was a lot of good faith expressed by both KCCA Executive



Committee members and KAC staff at the recent meeting, and that it was an

historic beginning.  Few state associations of counties will offer an educational

program for commissioners that is as thorough as Kansas’.


Ken Meier moved, seconded by Alan Winkler, to approve the Partnership Agreement between the KAC and the Kansas County Commissioners Association (KCCA) for the Leadership Academy for County Commissioners. Motion carried.




Randy Allen indicated that he and Marla Flentje had recently met with John

Leatherman, Office of Local Government, Kansas State University, to discuss

the possibility of a second Public Policy Forum this coming late summer or

Fall, to be jointly sponsored by OLG-KSU and the KAC.  Last year’s Public

Policy Forum – “Retail Wheeling and the Property Tax” – was well received

by the approximately 65 persons who attended.  The goal of John Leatherman,

Marla and Randy is to establish the date for the 1999 forum as soon as possible as well as to identify the topic which will be the focus of discussion.


Randy indicated that the following subjects had been raised as potential subjects of the forum:  1) Home Rule – current status, future options; 2) Consolidation of

Local government units, including functional consolidation and organizational

Consolidation; 3) Y2K, or the Year 2000 Millenium bug (although it was expressed that by the fall, 1999, either we will be close to ready or it will be too

late). Bob Abel said that he thought a workshop on technology and how counties

will increasingly utilize technology would be a good topic for the 1999 forum. Randy Duncan raised the possibility of doing a forum on opportunities for public/

private partnerships and offered an example from the emergency response area

to illustrate his idea.


Randy indicated that he would schedule further discussion on the February agenda and very soon thereafter, he, Marla and John Leatherman would set a

date and a topic. The forum would likely be in Manhattan, with a possibility

that it could be held on the KSU campus.


No action was taken with respect to this matter.




Randy explained that reservations for sleeping rooms under the KAC’s room

Blocks in Overland Park for the 24th Annual (1999) Conference would be

Accepted beginning April 1, 1999. As such, the staff will again mail information

On or around March 1 to KAC members, indicating hotel information as well as the theme of the 1999 conference.


Randy distributed information which included the conference themes for the past

three annual conferences:






1996          21st Annual Conference, Wichita Airport Hilton Hotel, headquarters

Theme:  “Building Our Future Together”

1997          22nd Annual Conference, Wichita Airport Hilton Hotel, headquarters

Theme:  “Partnerships for Progress – Counties Reach Out”

1998          23rd Annual Conference, Hyatt Regency Wichita Hotel, headquarters

Theme:  “new horizons @ kac.98”


                        The board had a vigorous and creative discussion about several conference

                        theme ideas, as follows:


                                    “The Shape of the Future”

                                    “Windows of Opportunity

                                    “The Service Imperative:  Counties Respond”

                                    “Looking Ahead with Values and Vision”

                                    “Charting the Course:  A Map for the New Millenium”

                                    “Realizing County Communities: Shifts in Local Governance”


                        Randy indicated that the best themes are rather broad in nature, with potential

                        to create powerful imagery (i.e. pictures, symbols) to illustrate the theme.


Mike Dailey moved, seconded by Randy Duncan, to select the theme “Windows of Opportunity” as the theme for the 24th Annual Conference on

November 14-16, 1999.  Motion failed.


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Ken Meier, to select the theme “Charting

the Course: A Map for the New Millenium” as the theme for the 24th Annual Conference. Motion carried.  Jean Barber, Linda Peterson, Mike Dailey, and Randy Duncan voted “nay”.


25th and 26th ANNUAL KAC CONFERENCES IN 2000 AND 2001:


Sara Ullmann indicated that we were extremely late in determining the site

for future conferences, especially 2000 and 2001. Randy recommended that

the KAC staff prepare a brief Request for Proposals (RFP) and disseminate

to hotel and convention and visitors bureau officials in Overland Park, Topeka,

and Wichita to request formal proposals which could be reviewed by the board.


Board discussion focused on whether the RFP should ask for proposals for 2002

and 2003 as well.  The positive benefit of signing contracts early is the greater

likelihood that we can control costs; the downside is that hotels change greatly in

quality of service and appearance in only a few short years.


The board recessed for lunch at 12:05 p.m. and resumed the meeting at 12:43 p.m.







25th AND 26th ANNUAL CONFERENCES  (continued):


Darryl Lutz moved, seconded by Mike Dailey to authorize staff to prepare

and disseminate a Request for Proposals (RFP), with the primary request for proposals to include 2000 and 2001, but with options accepted for 2002 and 2003 as well.  The board had further discussion about whether any one

city should be awarded consecutive conferences, and made no final decision pending the receipt of proposals.  Motion carried.




Linda Peterson distributed a written summary of the NACo Board’s actions at its

December 11-12, 1998 meeting in Asheville, North Carolina.  Among other actions, the NACo Board voted to adopt the following 1999 key legislative priorities:


Community and Rural Development:


1.       Support full funding of the HOME program and maintain funds for the

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocations to local and

State governments, and eliminate all unauthorized CDBG set-asides.

2.       Encourage investment through an increase in the volume cap for low-income

Housing tax credits and an immediate and full increase in the tax-exempt private activity bond volume cap.

3.       Support brownfields redevelopment in both urban and rural counties.

4.       Support flexible and increased funding for Rural Community Advancement

(RCAP) funds to meet the needs of rural counties.


                        Assure Adequate Health Care Funding for Counties:


1.       Medicare/Medicaid Reform that is responsive and sensitive to providing fair and adequate benefits and reimbursements, and that does not increase the

burden on county governments.

2.       Support legislation that improves the quality and access to health care in rural counties.


Funding for Children, Youth and Families:


1.       Restoring the Social Services block grant.

2.       Maintain funding for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Block grant.

3.       Increase funding for workforce development programs.

4.       Promoting early childhood development initiatives.


Justice Funding Equity:


1.       Local Law Enforcement Block Grant

2.       Juvenile Justice

3.       State Criminal Alien Assistance Program

4.       Corrections


PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) and Natural Resource Funding


1.       Request full funding for the PILT program and pursue other equitable

natural resource funding opportunities affecting counties.


                        Airport Improvement Program


1.       Support the reauthorization of the Airport Improvement Program, including

an increased funding level, guaranteed funding from the Aviation Trust Fund, an increased Passenger Facilities Charge, and a special program for rural and smaller airports to assist them in attracting new and expanded service.


Other board discussion/action included: 1) consideration and adoption of NACo’s 1999 budget; 2) consideration and approval of a new 3-year strategic

plan (this plan is updated annually); development of the Urban and Rural County caucuses, and NACo’s drive to reach 2,000 county members by the end of the year 2,000.  Linda indicated that Ken Mayfield, Dallas County, Texas, and

Doris Karloff  (Nebraska) are both running for NACo 2nd Vice President, with

the election to be held at the NACo Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri

July 16-20, 1998. Randy reminded the board that Kansas will have more clout in the NACo election if more Kansas county officials attend the NACo annual

Conference. The board had some discussion about whether the two candidates

for NACo 2nd Vice President should be invited to the state to meet with the board

prior to the summer.  No action was taken in this regard.





The Joint Statement of Principles, adopted by the boards of the KAC, Kansas Association of School Boards, and League of Kansas Municipalities, has been

signed by the presidents of all three organizations. Randy reported on conversa-

tions with two legislators who reacted positively to the joint statement.


Randy indicated that he had met with John Koepke, Executive Director of the

Kansas Association of School Boards, as well as Chris McKenzie, Executive

Director of the League, concerning the feasibility of the three boards meeting soon to 1) get to know each other; 2) learn more about the others’ organizations;

and 3) identify mutual legislative and work priorities.  To “piggy-back” on

the board’s travel to Topeka on February 9 for a KAC Board meeting and February 10 for County Government Day, Randy indicated that the three executive directors had tentatively arranged a meeting of the three boards for

Tuesday, February 9, as follows:


            4:30  - 6:00  p.m.           First Work Session

            6:00  - 6:30  p.m.           Reception

            6:30  - 7:30  p.m.           Dinner

            7:30  - 9:00  p.m.           Wrap-up work session



The meeting would be held in Emerald I meeting room of the Capitol Plaza

Hotel, immediately adjacent to the Kansas Expocentre.  The board indicated

that the proposed date was acceptable.  Randy inquired as to which board

members would require hotel rooms on Monday, February 8 and Tuesday, February 9, 1999. Judy Seymour, KAC staff person, will make reservations

and send confirmation letters to all board members.




Judy Moler engaged the board in a discussion about the Legislative Breakfast

held earlier that morning (January 19) in the Jayhawk Tower, at which approximately 50 legislators attended. The general feedback from the board

was that the event was successful. Several board members indicated that legis-

lators indicated surprise that county officials from their county(s) were not

at the breakfast. Discussion ensued as to whether the Legislative Breakfast

should be scheduled as an early-morning event on County Government Day so

that we could have wider participation.  Another suggestion was to involve the

Legislative Platform Committee in the breakfast. Additional discussion was held

concerning the feasibility of an annual event involving the KAC and the House/Senate local government committees.


Judy used the January 15, 1999 Legislative Bulletin (#1) to summarize the

status of various legislation under consideration. Ken Meier commented on the

status of a possible new comprehensive transportation program, and contrasted

the Governor’s plan with the program developed by the Transportation 2000 Task Force.



Randy indicated that, again this year, he was requested board approval of an

Agreement between the KAC and County Counselors Association of Kansas (CCAK) for the KAC to provide secretariat services to the CCAK. Bill Jeter, Ellis County Counselor and CCAK President, has submitted a continuation agreement for consideration and approval by the KAC Board.


Ken Meier moved, seconded by Randy Duncan, to approve the secretariat

services agreement between the KAC and the County Counselors Association of Kansas  (CCAK).  Motion carried.




Bob Abel, Jr. indicated that he had been nominated to participate in a

competitive process to be chosen to participate in Leadership Kansas.

A Leadership Kansas class is chosen annually to expose current and future state leaders to issues/topics of concern across the state and to provide a knowledge base which could be used in the future. Bob indicated that he

had discussed his possible participation in the Leadership group with the

Board of Jefferson County Commissioners, and that they supported him in

this regard.  Bob asked for the board’s support in the form of a letter.





Randy Duncan moved, seconded by Nancy Weeks, to instruct staff to

prepare a letter for the President’s signature that conveys the board’s

strong support for Robert Abel, Jr.’s nomination to participate in the

1999 class of Leadership Kansas.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:12 p.m.




                                                            Respectfully submitted,






                                                            Randy Allen, Executive Director











                                                                                                                January 26, 1999