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County Commission Chambers

Miami County Administration Building

Paola, Kansas

April 16, 1999




                                President Sara Ullmann called the meeting to order at 10:38 a.m. Board

                        members present were as follows:


                        Sara Ullmann, Johnson County Register of Deeds

                        Don Hanson, Ellsworth County Commissioner

                        Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

                        Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

                        Alan Winkler,  Wabaunsee County Commissioner

                        Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

                        Jean Barber, Allen County Commissioner

                        David Heger, Miami County Counselor

                        Darryl Lutz, Butler County Engineer

                        Robert Abel, Jr., Jefferson County Weed Director


                        Members absent were:


                        Linda Schreppel, Labette County Clerk

                        Kenneth Meier, Harvey County Commissioner

                        Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

                        Michael Dailey, Wyandotte County Sheriff

                        Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner

                        Randy Duncan, Sedgwick County Emergency Management Director


                        Others present were:


                        Bill Butler, Miami County Commissioner

                        R.J. Peuser, Miami County Commissioner

                        W.A. “Doc” Godfrey, Miami County Commissioner

                        Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director


                        Miami County Commissioner Bill Butler welcomed the board to Miami County

                        and to Miami County’s new administration building, which was dedicated in



                        Approval of Minutes:


Darryl Lutz moved, seconded by David Heger, moved to approve the minutes of the March 12, 1999 board meeting, as presented. Motion carried.



Finance Committee Report:


Jean Barber, Finance Committee member, presented the report of bills and payrolls of April 16, 1999, as corrected by the Finance Committee, totaling $30,273.07. The report corrected the expense reimbursement for Dean Kruse, board member, to reflect the correct amount of $174.73, and the correct check number (# 15289). Jean indicated that the monthly bills included the full annual payment for workers compensation insurance to the Hartford Insurance Company ($1,390).  The expense for Mary Jane Vollintine’s work ($300) is the design of the art work ($300) used for the forthcoming KAC Research Bulletins. The Association’s checking account balances at Columbian National Bank as of April 15, 1999 totaled $382,925.44.


Jean Barber moved, seconded by Robert Abel, Jr. to approve the bills and

payrolls as amended, as recommended by the Finance Committee. Motion carried.


Randy reviewed the status of 1999 county, KAC affiliate, and KAC associate

dues with the board. At the current time, only Russell County has not paid its

1999 membership dues, and the only affiliate/associate which has not paid its

1999 dues yet is the Kansas Government Management Information Sciences

Association. A second notice for the dues ($550) has been sent. Bob Abel, Jr.

indicated that he thought there was potential in the KAC providing services to

more associates, in terms of possible secretariat services, meeting planning, or

publications. He mentioned that the county surveyors might be interested in

some type of affiliation with the KAC.


Jean Barber moved, seconded by Linda Peterson, to receive and place on file

the January, 1999 Monthly Financial Report. Motion carried.


President’s Report:


President Sara Ullmann reviewed a written summary of suggested 1999 board

initiatives (attached) as was initially presented at the March meeting. These include: 1) Fiscal Policy Review; 2) Staff Performance; 3) Strategic Plan Update

and Bylaws Review; 4) 25th Anniversary Committee; and 5) Inter-Association

Initiatives. Randy indicated that Wendell Graham, Vice President of Columbian

Bank, had been invited to meet with the Finance Committee at its next meeting to

review the Association’s sweep account/repurchase accounts. Don Hanson indicated that he has asked Linda Peterson and David Heger to join him on the

Performance Evaluation Committee to conduct the Executive Director’s perform-

ance evaluation.  Sara announced her appointments to the various committees, and indicated that she had spoken by telephone with board members about their



24th Annual Conference (1999) Update:


Randy indicated that the April 1, 1999 opening of hotel reservations for the 24th Annual Conference had gone relatively smoothly, and that the three hotels

(Marriott, Doubletree, Holtze) reported that they were sold-out. Randy said that

some members had double-booked or even triple-booked and that when people

receive their confirmations, some reservations would be released, thus allowing

others to make hotel reservations. He said that if board members heard of county

officials having difficulty securing reservations, they should have them call Judy

Seymour in the KAC office, who is working closely with the conference hotels

to smooth out difficulties.


NACo Report:


Prior to Linda Peterson’s presentation of the NACo report, President Sara

Ullmann presented Linda with a gift of affection, in recognition of Linda and Dan Peterson as one of six Kansas couples recently designated the Kansas Master Farmer and Farm Homemaker.


Linda encouraged board members to register for NACO’s annual conference in

St. Louis (July 16-20). Nancy Weeks told the board that the Kansas County

Treasurers Association was interested in chartering a bus to take Kansans to the

conference and wondered if the KAC had any interest.  Discussion followed.

It was agreed that the KAC would advertise the bus in the County Comment and through other means, if a bus were chartered.


Randy reported that the NACo Board member selection letter inviting

persons interested in being Kansas’ NACo representative had been mailed.

After the deadline, a mail ballot will be sent to all NACo member counties.


1999 Legislative Session Report:


Randy Allen updated the Board on the status of legislation important to counties. Major legislation is still unfinished, including the Comprehensive Transportation Program (HB 2071); the Tax Lid Repeal bill (SB 252); Tax Levy Disclosure

bill (SB 226); and funding for Juvenile Justice programs. He asked the board to

encourage county officials to keep contacting legislators about matters important to counties. He announced that a Transportation Rally was scheduled for the Statehouse steps at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 28 and encouraged counties

to attend. Board discussion followed. Randy said that he and Judy would be at the Statehouse as long as it takes during the wrap-up session, which begins on April 28.


The meeting recessed at 11:45 p.m., as Miami County officials invited the board to join them at Beethoven’s Restaurant for lunch.


The meeting reconvened at 1:25 p.m.


Office Relocation Analysis/Decision:


Randy distributed and reviewed with the board an analysis (attached) of the KAC’s options for office space in the months and years after August 1, 1999. Board members discussed the relative advantages and disadvantages of the various options.




Don Hanson moved, seconded by Nancy Weeks, to authorize the Executive

Director and President to execute a lease agreement with Henderson Development, Inc. to lease the office building at 6206 SW 9th Terrace in Topeka for a period of five years, beginning on or about July 25, 1999, with 1) an initial base rate of $9.00/s.f.  for the first two years and a 5% increase effective at the onset of year 3 of the lease and another 5% increase at the onset of year 5 of the lease; 2) an additional monthly increment of $1.50/s.f. for the original term of the lease for tenant improvements with hard costs valued at up to approximately $20,000; and 3) a two-year option with a similar 5% increase in rent in the second year of such extension. Further, it is understood that such lease shall be reviewed by the KAC General Counsel prior to its execution and with the further stipulation that the final lease rent may vary once final estimates of tenant improvements are known. It is further provided that, upon execution of  such lease, that written notice shall be given to Jayhawk Tower Joint Venture, owner of  Jayhawk Tower Office Building, that the Association shall vacate its premises at 700 SW Jackson on or before July 31, 1999.


Bob Abel, Jr. offered a friendly amendment to stipulate that the final lease rate could vary as much as an additional $.30/s.f for tenant improvements. Both Don Hanson and Nancy Weeks agreed to the friendly amendment.  Motion carried.




The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.



                                                            Respectfully submitted,






                                                            Randy Allen, Executive Director




                        Attachments:  1)  1999 Board Initiatives

                                              2)  Office Space Analysis