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Ellsworth County Courthouse

Ellsworth, Kansas

July 1, 1999




President Sara Ullmann called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. Board members present were as follows:


                        Sara Ullmann, Johnson County Register of Deeds

                        Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

                        Alan Winkler,  Wabaunsee County Commissioner

                        Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

                        Jean Barber, Allen County Commissioner

                        David Heger, Miami County Counselor

                        Robert Abel, Jr., Jefferson County Weed Director

                        Kenneth Meier, Harvey County Commissioner

                        Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

                        Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner

                          Don Hanson, Ellsworth County Commissioner

                          Randy Duncan, Sedgwick County Emergency Management Director



Members absent were:


                          Darryl Lutz, Butler County Engineer

                          Michael Dailey, Wyandotte County Sheriff

                        Linda Schreppel, Labette County Clerk

                        Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner


Others present were:


                        Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

                        Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel

                          Bobby Heitschmidt, Ellsworth County Commissioner

                          Rep. Jerry Aday, Ellsworth


Ellsworth County Commissioner Bobby Heitschmidt welcomed the board to Ellsworth County and told the board several interesting facts about the county.  


Approval of Minutes:


Rod Broberg moved, seconded by Alan Winkler, to approve the minutes of the May 21, 1999 board meeting as submitted. Motion carried.





Finance Committee Report:


Jean Barber, Finance Committee member, presented the Report of Bills and Payrolls of July 1, 1999, totaling $33,630.56. She indicated that the combined bank balance of the KAC’s three accounts at Columbian Bank as of June 29, 1999 totaled $307,251.69.  The bank balance was

lower than last month as there are several bills which have been paid by the KAC which will be reimbursed by the Kansas County Commissioners Association (KCCA). Randy announced that Russell County had telephoned its intention of joining the KAC making us a full 105 counties strong for 1999.


Ken Meier moved, seconded by David Heger to approve the bills and payrolls as recommended by the Finance Committee. Motion carried.


Jean presented the Monthly Financial Reports for the months ending April 30 and May 31, 1999.  


Jean Barber moved, seconded by Nancy Weeks, to receive and place on file the Monthly Financial Reports for the months of April and May, 1999. Motion carried.


Executive Session:


Don Hanson moved, seconded by David Heger, to recess into executive session in order to discuss the performance evaluation and compensation of the Executive Director, Randy Allen, with the open meeting to resume in the meeting room at 11:30 a.m. Motion carried.


The executive session concluded at 11:30 a.m., and the board requested that Mr. Allen join them in an additional session beginning at 11:33.


Robert Abel, Jr. moved, seconded  by Rod Broberg, to recess into executive session for the purpose of presenting a performance evaluation to the Executive Director, with the open meeting to resume in the meeting room at 11:48 a.m. Motion carried.


At 11:48 a.m., the board recessed for lunch at Paden’s Place Restaurant in downtown Ellsworth.


President Sara Ullmann reconvened the meeting at 1:00 p.m.


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by David Heger, to recess into executive session for the purpose of discussing the Executive Director’s compensation, with the open meeting to resume in the meeting room at 1:15 p.m.  Motion carried.


President Sara Ullmann reconvened the meeting at 1:15 p.m. She asked that the record show that the KAC Board had met with the Executive Director and had given him his evaluation. She indicated, further, that it was a positive evaluation and that it was positively received.


Robert Abel, Jr. moved, seconded by Rod Broberg, to increase the Executive Director’s salary by 5.0%, retroactive to his anniversary date of April 8, 1999, and that the Association assume 95.0% of his health/dental insurance premium (previously 90.0%) effective prospectively, and that the board review the possibility of improving Mr. Allen’s deferred compensation program at the August meeting.  Motion carried.




Update on KAC 24th Annual Conference:


Randy Allen indicated that Mike Press, Acting Johnson County Administrator, had pledged Johnson County’s help in financing the Welcome Reception at the Annual Conference, up to a maximum of $6,000. This is similar to the contribution from Sedgwick County for the Welcome Reception at the 1998 Annual Conference. Randy indicated that the 24th Annual Conference Planning Committee would meet in Overland Park on July 9, 1999.


NACo Report:


Linda Peterson previewed the 1999 Annual Meeting of NACo to be held in St. Louis on July 16-20, 1999.  The advanced meeting registration is more than in previous years, with 43 Kansans

registered thus far.  The Kansas breakfast will be on Sunday, July 18 at the Convention Center.   Both candidates for NACo’s Second Vice President Position will stop by the breakfast.  The time is approaching for nominations to NACo policy steering committees.  Linda and Randy will work on letters to be sent out to those wishing to serve on a NACo committee.


Legislative Report:


The platform committee will have its first meeting on August 4 in the new KAC offices.  All affiliate and associate groups except the Planning and Zoning Association have assigned members to the platform committee. There are plans for three internal interim study groups on three important issues to the KAC:  9-1-1 tax; Recycling and tipping fees; and jails/juvenile detention.


Update on Office Relocation and Upcoming Move


Randy Allen briefed the board on plans for the upcoming move to the new office at 6206 SW 9th Terrace. He said that they had solicited bids from three professional moving firms to move the office furnishings and computers on Monday, July 26, 1999.  He said that the office space at 6206 SW 9th Terrace in Topeka is beginning to take shape.  Randy indicated that he had done some checking on the cost of suitable conference/meeting room furniture (tables and chairs) and that they would cost approximately $6,700. Randy asked if the Board thought that the KAC’s affiliate/associate groups should be asked to donate toward this purchase. Discussion ensued.


Riley Winkler moved, seconded by Nancy Weeks, to authorize the Executive Director to purchase the conference/meeting room furniture as referenced with the expectation that a budget amendment would come before the board later in 1999 to cover the unbudgeted cost.


The board discussed upcoming board meeting dates. The August meeting will be August 20 at the KAC’s new office in Topeka. The September meeting date was changed to September 10, to be held on the day following the KAC’s Public Policy Conference, both in Wichita. The remaining 1999 board meetings are on Sunday, November 14 at the Annual Conference in Overland Park, and on Thursday, December 9 in Topeka. The December 9 meeting is the board’s annual reorganizational meeting.









The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m.   Don Hanson invited the Board to tour Ellsworth County’s new hospital.  



                                                            Respectfully submitted,






                                                            Randy Allen, Executive Director






Minutes – 070199 Board Meeting (Ellsworth)