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Kansas Association of Counties

Governing Board Meeting

Friday, October 8, 1999

KAC Meeting Room

6206 SW 9th Terrace, Topeka, Kansas



President Sara Ullmann called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.  Board members present were as follows:



Sara Ullmann, Johnson County Register of Deeds

Darryl Lutz, Butler County Engineer

David Heger, Miami County Counselor

Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

Jean Barber, Allen County Commissioner

Kenneth Meier, Harvey County Commissioner

Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff

Robert Abel, Jr., Jefferson County Weed Director

Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner


Members absent were:


Don Hanson, Ellsworth County Commissioner

Linda Schreppel, Labette County Clerk


Others present:


Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel

Pam Hatfield, KAC Executive Assistant


President Ullmann opened the meeting with a greeting, thanking all who were present for arriving early, and explaining the nature of the early meeting time today.  The KAC’s Legislative Platform video uplink conference will be held today beginning at 2:00 p.m. at six sites around Kansas, including Topeka, and the board will need to adjourn no later than 1:30 p.m.


Announcements from Sara included the recent resignation of Alan Winkler, Wabaunsee County Commissioner, from the KAC Board.  He is pursuing other interests.  We will miss him.  She explained that his position will be filled pursuant to an election process set forth in the Constitution of the Kansas County Commissioners Association. Consequently, a new board member would most likely not be seated until after the Annual Conference in November. 


Additions to the agenda include remarks from Linda Peterson regarding legislative action, (item 11 on our agenda).


Approval of Minutes:


Ken Meier moved, seconded by Paula Phillips to approve the minutes of the September 10, 1999 board meeting as submitted.  Motion carried.


Finance Committee:


Jean Barber, acting Chairperson of the Finance Committee reviewed with board members the list of bills and payments submitted for approval.  The list included a check that required a second signature ($4,765.00) to Blue Ribbon Arrangements and Tours. This cost is for shuttle transportation service at the 24th Annual Conference. 


Jean Barber moved, seconded by David Heger, to approve the Report of Bills and Payrolls dated October 8, 1999 and place it on file. Motion carried.


The Finance Committee concluded its discussion about the investment of idle funds and recommended that all funds be maintained in the longer term Repurchase Account except for what is needed to cover short term monthly expenses. The interest rate in the longer term repurchase account will be 4.75% and the shorter-term repurchase account will earn 4.25%. All funds will continue to be secured by pledged securities documented by the bank in written reports.


The Monthly Budget Status Report for the first eight months of 1999 was given. At the end of the first eight months, or 66.8% of the year, the Association has received 68.1% of its budgeted revenue, while expending only 55.1% of budgeted appropriations.  As of August 31, 1999, the cash balances reflect a decrease of $33,431.07 from the prior month, as August 1999 expenditures totaling $61,710.31 outpaced revenues totaling $28,279.24.  Ending cash balance as of August 31, 1999 was $238,721.53.  The Association’s cash balance at the same time one year ago was $276,591.81.  This represents a decline in the cash balance of 13.3% from the same date one year ago.


Jean Barber moved, seconded by Rod Broberg,  to accept the Monthly Financial Report of August, 1999.  Motion carried.


2000 Annual Budget Proposal


Randy Allen reviewed the first working draft of the KAC’s 2000 operating budget, indicating that it was just a working draft at that stage and not a recommendation.  Randy said that he viewed 1999 as a transitional year for the KAC in that we have reached a new, higher level of service and service capacity, while at the same time hitting the ceiling as to what can be expected or done with the resources we have. He indicated that our membership is as strong as it can be, with 105 county members. Earlier this year, two of the three certification programs envisioned in the adopted Education Program plan (i.e. the Leadership Academy for County Commissioners and the Excellence in Customer Service program) were launched, with the Human Resources Management program to be implemented in 2000.  Relocating the Topeka office, and slightly expanding the size of the Wichita office have occurred, both of which entail additional costs, yet additional opportunities for service. The County Comment has been published on a regular basis in 1999. And, most significantly, there were significant legislative victories for counties during the 1999 legislative session. 


Randy indicated that the growth in Association cash balances experienced in 1996 and 1997 began to level off in 1998 and 1999. The 2000 budget has expenditures exceeding revenue by $21,000.00.  This is not acceptable.  A review of programs (100 - Legislative and Research Services, 200 – Annual Conference, 300 – Educational Programs, and 400 – Ancillary Services/Programs). 


President Sara Ullmann said that the Board needs to make a decision about the Association;  do we want to continue “status quo” or cutting edge?  Also, special attention needs to be paid to assure that the budget take into consideration the actions of the Strategic Plan, to be sure that those goals are supported by the budget.  Sara also added that this is not a time for weakness, we need to put together additional resources, move forward and expand.  


Discussion revolved around ways to cut spending, and increase revenues.  Suggestions included whether or not to increase membership dues, increase registrations for classes, increase Conference registration fees and whether or not to issue refunds, and possible increase in Trade Fair booths.  The issue of hiring additional staff was debated as well as the  purchase of a new vehicle for the KAC.


Sara suggested “bundling” of services as an offer to trade fair participants, packaging the booth in addition to a number of advertisements to be placed in the County Comment.  Randy Allen indicated a “sign-on” bonus that the KAC would benefit from with the deferred compensation plan Nationwide Retirement Solutions offers.  Funding from State and Federal Grants and Foundations were also suggested. 


At 10:24 a.m. Sara Ullmann recessed the meeting for a short break.


President Sara Ullman reconvened the meeting at 10:34 a.m.


Educational Fees revenue could be increased if the new Human Resource Management classes were raised to $100.00 per class.  Many members felt that this was keeping with other course of similar nature.  The gap between affiliate and associate dues was discussed, as well as the fees commissioners pay.  It was suggested that at the General Session of the Conference, some education of the benefits as to Association and Affiliate. 


Randy will be reviewing these ideas and others discussed and will have information in the November packets. 


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Jean Barber that the board move to Executive Session for 10 minutes.  Motion passed. 


Sara Ullmann reconvened the meeting at 11:49 a.m. 


David Heger moved, seconded by Linda Peterson, to advance the schedule for the board’s performance appraisal of the Executive Director to the March, 2000 monthly board meeting. Motion passed. 


At 11:50 a.m. Sara Ullmann recessed the meeting for lunch. 


President Sara Ullmann called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.


Sara announced that Don Hanson was not present at the board meeting due to the death of his father in law. 


Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association Request


The Board reviewed a letter received from Terry L. David, Chairman of the Kansas Society of EMS Administrators requesting membership with the KAC.  They are requesting an associate membership, which requires board action, as opposed to affiliate membership which is obtained by petition.  It is suggested that they be made aware of the difference, as they could go affiliate immediately.  The board thought it best to defer their request until dues amounts are decided on.  Randy will respond to them in the mean time, and invite Mr. David to the annual conference, so that he will be better educated as to the associate/affiliate differences. 


 24th Annual Conference Status Report


Michelle Works gave a report on the progress of registrations, and trade fair booths for the Annual Conference.  She showed off the new “bag”  that we are giving away, it displays our logo as well as Nationwide Retirement Solutions, who underwrote the fee for the bags.  The color picture on the front of the bag is identical to the cover of the Annual Conference brochures.  The board was pleased with the results.  She also described the “Millenium Calendar”  that we will also be giving away.  The registration count as of today was at 476, and “where it should be”, according to Michelle.  Pre-conference workshop numbers are at 111.  The friendship luncheon currently has 91 people signed up and the spouse tour has 77.  There are currently 34 vendors who have paid for a place, with only 9 spaces left. 


Randy added that “program wise”, things are going pretty well.  The keynote speaker, Marshall Kruder, is with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.  His topic will be Healthy Communities, with emphasis on County roles in making healthy places to live, school safety, and juvenile justice issues.


Educational Workshops/Roundtables are being organized by Marla Flentje and are filling up quickly. 


It is requested that all board members pay special attention to designated areas where lunches will be served as we are splitting the Monday luncheon between the Marriott and the DoubleTree hotels. 


 Legislative Issues Report


Judy Moler, Legislative Director, KAC, reminded the board about the video uplink that will be held immediately following today’s KAC meeting.  Linda Peterson and Judy Moler indicated that proposed changes to the noxious weed and juvenile justice programs would be likely topics of discussion today.  Linda expressed concern over a draft of a new noxious weed bill to be considered by the 2000 Legislature, in that it was not worded as was originally discussed by a group assembled by the state to review the noxious weed control/chemical cost sharing system. The proposed legislation would require landowners to prepare a plan for managing noxious weeds in consultation with county noxious weed directors. Property owners would buy chemicals from cooperatives or private sources and apply it themselves for reimbursement by the county on a cost per acre basis rather than on a “per gallon” applica-

tion basis, and this would be done only with approval. 


Linda Peterson discussed Juvenile Justice issues, in particular the state’s apparent refusal to fund sanction houses.  She stated that the Juvenile Justice Authority had indicated it would not be responsible for sanction house costs as was first proposed. Linda said that the State JJA now says it will not pay for these costs, and that counties are responsible. 


Upcoming Meeting Dates


The November 14, 1999 KAC Governing Board Meeting will be held in Overland Park, Kansas at the KAC Annual Conference. 


The December KAC Governing Board Meeting will take place on December 9th and 10th in Topeka, as we welcome new board members and say good-bye to old members (tenure, not REAL age!).  In addition to the December, 1999 KAC Board reorganizational meeting, there will be a joint meeting and dinner with the boards of the League of Kansas Municipalities and the Kansas Association of School Boards.  Details will be forthcoming. 


With no further announcements, Sara Ullmann adjourned the meeting at 1:14 p.m.



                                                                   Respectfully submitted,




                                                                   Pam Hatfield

                                                                   Executive Assistant