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Thursday, December 9, 1999

KAC Office, 6202 SW 9th Terrace, Topeka, Kansas



Vice President Don Hanson called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.  Board members present were as follows:


1998-1999 and 1999-2000 Board members:


Rodney Broberg, Saline County Appraiser

Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner

Donald Hanson, Ellsworth County Commissioner

Dean Kruse, Norton County Commissioner

Darryl Lutz, Butler County Engineer

Paula Phillips, Douglas County Emergency Management Director

Randy Rogers, Coffey County Sheriff

Linda Schreppel, Labette County Clerk

Nancy Weeks, Haskell County Treasurer

Riley Winkler, Gray County Commissioner


1998-1999 Board members:


Robert Abel, Jr., Jefferson County Weed Director

Jean Barber, Allen County Commissioner

Kenneth Meier, Harvey County Commissioner

David Heger,  Miami County Counselor


1999-2000 Board members:


Joe Brunk, Sedgwick County Weed Director

William (Bill) Linde, Woodson County Commissioner

Frances J. Garcia, Reno County Commissioner

Wade M. Dixon, Greeley County Attorney/County Counselor


Those board members not present were:


Linda Peterson, Marion County Commissioner

Sara Ullmann, Johnson County Register of Deeds


Others present were:


Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director

Judy Moler, KAC Legislative Services Director/General Counsel

Marla Flentje, KAC Education Director

Pam Hatfield, KAC Executive Assistant

Wilma Meier, spouse of Harvey County Commissioner, Kenneth Meier


Vice President Don Hanson conducted the meeting in the absence of Sara Ullmann, who was ill

and not able to attend the meeting.  Don Hanson expressed his regrets that Sara could not be present but wished her well in her recovery. It was also noted that Linda Peterson, NACo Representative, is attending the December NACo Board meeting in Baltimore, Maryland and representing Kansas there.




Jean Barber moved, seconded by Darryl Lutz to approve the minutes of the November 14, 1999 meeting.  Motion carried.


Don Hanson welcomed all new, incoming KAC Board members.  Each “out-going” member was asked to introduce his/her successor and say a few words of advice and encouragement to them.  Ken Meier spoke first……”dearly beloved,” he began. He introduced Frances Garcia, Reno County Commissioner.  He told her to be quiet, don’t make waves and to enjoy the time that she has “here”…he hates to go off the board.  Frances thanked Ken and pledged to “do her best”  She is very much looking forward to serving on the board, and said that she had big shoes to fill following Ken Meier! 


Jean Barber introduced Bill Linde, Woodson County Commissioner.  Bill said he couldn’t possibly take Jean’s place, but would do his best to “try and fit in”. 


Bob Abel, Jr. introduced Joe Brunk, Sedgwick County Weed Director, as his replacement,  explaining that “Joe knows golf”, and suggested that if board members really wanted to have a deep conversation with Joe, it is best done during a round of golf!  Joe, who has been labeled a “professional weed picker” by his teenage daughter, said that he was looking forward to working on the KAC Board. 


David Heger introduced Wade M. Dixon, Greeley County Attorney / County Counselor.  Wade spoke very highly of David, stating that David had a great hand in the formation of the County Counselors Association, and that he is very proud of that. 


Russ Frey, Riley County Commissioner introduced himself.  He is filling the position vacated by Wabaunsee County Commissioner Alan Winkler.  Russ is a veterinarian and teaches at the university level at KSU.  Last year Russ chaired the County Commissioners Association.  He looks forward to his service with the KAC board.  Applause filled the room as each member was introduced, and words were spoken on their behalf.  The out-going board members will be missed greatly, as was evident by the emotion felt. 




Randy indicated that the insurance coverage renewal quotations had not yet been received and therefore #9 on the agenda (“Request to approve various insurance coverage) should be deferred until the January meeting. Russ Frey asked that there be discussion of the impact of a proposed new system for selecting Extension Council Boards. Don Hanson indicated that this would be discussed under the “staff reports” section of the agenda, and specifically when Judy Moler presented legislative information.


Don Hanson moved, seconded by Paula Phillips, to amend the meeting agenda with changes previously noted.  Motion carried.




Finance Committee Chairperson Linda Schreppel thanked Jean Barber for leading the Finance Committee meeting this morning in her absence.  She presented the Report of Bills and Payroll dated December 9, 1999 for the board’s approval.  The Finance Committee had reviewed the invoices, totaling $40,004.78, at an earlier meeting and recommended approval. 


Linda Schreppel moved, Jean Barber seconded to approve the bills and payrolls of December 9, 1999 as presented and recommended by the Finance Committee.

Motion carried.


Linda requested that board members give their attention to the Monthly Financial Report of October, 1999 and ask any questions at this time.


Linda Schreppel moved, seconded by Paula Phillips to receive and place on file the Monthly Financial Report for October, 1999, including the Monthly Report of Cash Receipts and Disbursements and the Monthly Budget Status Report. Motion carried.


Don Hanson presented out-going board members with a gift and kind words for all of their hard work and dedication to the KAC.  Those receiving gifts were: David Heger, Ken Meier, Jean Barber, and Bob Abel, Jr.  Don said he was sorry that Sara could not have been here.  She had such strong feelings about this group of individuals; they are a visionary group, looking at the big picture, overcoming personal differences to look at the greater good of the KAC.  Don stated further that we should look for these qualities, and that the KAC has a great history.  The new members have an opportunity to take the work that has been laid in the past, and run with it.  He thanked each of the outgoing members for their contributions to KAC. (applause!!!!)  Jean Barber said when she first became a board member, the KAC had $19,000 in the bank, one employee and no director. Jean said, “we’ve come a long way!”.  Ken Meier said that he begged, pleaded, and whined to get to stay, but now with this beautiful gift…” He did say that his tenure has been a good experience.  The high point, for Kenny was last summer, when we achieved

total membership of all 105 counties in the KAC.  He looks forward to “seeing us around”.




Rod Broberg, Secretary, conducted the nomination proceedings for the new 1999-2000 KAC President. He requested floor nominations for the office of President. 


Darryl Lutz nominated Don Hanson for President. 


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Paula Phillips, that nominations for President cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Don Hanson as KAC President.  Motion carried.


Don Hanson accepted the nomination as said he looked forward to next year.  He encouraged the board to keep working, stay organized and keep improving the education program.  “We are headed in the right direction”, he said.


President Don Hanson asked for floor nominations for the office of Vice President.  Darryl Lutz nominated Rod Broberg for Vice President. 


Paula Phillips moved, seconded by Bill Linde, that nominations for Vice President cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Rod Broberg as KAC Vice President.

Motion carried. 


Rod thanked the board and said he looked forward to “continuing to do good things.”


President Don Hanson asked for floor nominations for the office of KAC Secretary.  Rod Broberg nominated Darryl Lutz. 


Frances Garcia moved, seconded by Paula Phillips, that nominations for Secretary cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Darryl Lutz as KAC Secretary. Motion carried.


President Don Hanson asked for nominations for Treasurer from the floor.  Paula Phillips nominated Nancy Weeks.


Randy Rogers moved, seconded by Frances Garcia, that nominations for Treasurer cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Nancy Weeks as KAC Treasurer.  Motion carried.


President Don Hanson said that he would like the board secretary (Darryl Lutz) to sign-off on the minutes as prepared by staff each month, indicating the board’s approval.   


President Don Hanson announced the Finance Committee membership for 2000. The KAC Treasurer, Nancy Weeks, will chair the committee. Other members will be Linda Schreppel, Dean Kruse and Bill Linde.


Sharing of meeting dates of KAC affiliates/associates as well as district/regional meetings was requested for the KAC master calendar. The KAC staff maintains a master calendar to help ensure that over-scheduling does not occur. Dates will be noted on the KAC calendar that will be submitted to board members (and printed in future issues of the County Comment) as it is

updated.  This calendar will also be displayed on the KAC website, and updated as necessary.  Randy requested board members to confirm dates of those discussed, by either e-mail or

telephone or telefax to the KAC office on or before Tuesday, December 14, 1999. 


KAC Governing Board meeting dates were discussed for the 2000 calendar year. Randy offered the following possible dates, times and locations:


            Tuesday, January 18, 2000          1:00 p.m.          Topeka – KAC office

            Wednesday, February 9, 2000     1:15 p.m.          Topeka – KAC office

            Friday, March 17, 2000               10:30 a.m.        Topeka – KAC office

            Friday, April 14, 2000                 10:30 a.m.        Location to be determined

            Thursday, May 18, 2000              10:30 a.m.        Topeka – KAC office

            Thursday, June 29, 2000 10:30 a.m.        Location to be determined

            Friday, August 11, 2000              10:30 a.m.        Topeka – KAC office

            Friday, September 22, 2000        10:30 a.m.        Location to be determined

            Friday, October 13, 2000 10:30 a.m.        Topeka – KAC office

            Sunday, November 19, 2000        9:00 a.m.          Topeka – Capitol Plaza Hotel (annual


            Thursday, December 14, 2000     TBD                  Topeka – KAC office



Rod Broberg moved, seconded by Russ Frey, to tentatively accept the above calendar of board meetings dates.  Motion carried.




Executive Director Randy Allen reviewed handouts of information regarding the Annual Conference.  Included in the handouts was a list of counties arranged by region with the number of attendees / % of counties represented.  The registrations were as follows:




            Northeast (149 registered: 100% of counties)

                        North Central (81 registered: Chase not registered)

                        Northwest (83 registered: Smith not registered)

                        Southeast (106 registered: Chautauqua not registered)

                        South Central (135 registered : Kiowa not registered)

                        Southwest (107 registered: Hodgeman not registered)


The total number of registrants was 666.  The registrations by constituent group was as follows:


                        Administrators                             12

                        Appraisers                                   47

                        Clerks/Election Officials                 77

                        Commissioners                          236      

                        Counselors                                  12

                        Emergency Mgmt Officials               5

                        Kansas GMIS                                  7

                        Highway Officials                          66

                        Local Health Departments                9

                        Mental Health Centers                   13

                        Planning/Zoning Officials     5

                        Register of Deeds                         63

                        Treasurers                                 65

                        Weed Directors                            27

                        Others                                         22


            Total                                                    666


It was noted that there were approximately 50 – 75 persons who attended their affiliate/

associate meetings but did not register for the KAC conference. This is an area that needs to be addressed, possibly by each affiliate/associate group, and encouraging their members to register

for the entire conference and not just attend their meetings.  Most meeting costs (audio visual

and refreshment) at the annual conference are paid by the KAC and not the affiliate/associate organization. As such, registration in the entire conference is essential or there are unfunded costs. 


Randy reviewed a summary of conference evaluations which had been tallied and included in the board packets. The top page of the handouts has a brief synopsis of the evaluation totals.  There were positive comments from various board members about the conference.  Paula Phillips suggested reviewing and possibly revising the “purpose statement” for the KAC Annual Conference.  She feels that by reviewing what was previously stated, we could come to a new or better understanding of what is intended at the annual conference. This could be shared better with the affiliate/associate groups. Randy Allen said that the statement would be revisited and would be placed on the January, 2000 agenda for the board’s review. 


President Don Hanson listened to comments from board members and encouraged them to continue to look for new ideas for improving the conference with better participation.


Randy Allen reviewed with the board several options for allocating hotel sleeping rooms for the 25th Annual Conference, scheduled for November 19-21, 2000 in Topeka. Discussion of the method for allocating rooms for the 2000 Conference brought much discussion.  The KAC office



has had many calls from a variety of counties wanting to reserve blocks of rooms at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, site of the 2000 Conference.  To date, the room block at the hotel is frozen so that no one can reserve a room against the block. This was done to provide the board an opportunity to discuss the options and make a decision.


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Riley Winkler to adopt a lottery system for allocating the 175 rooms that are currently blocked at the Capital Plaza Hotel for the 2000 Annual Conference, and do so on a rotating basis in succeeding years so that every county will have an opportunity to be ‘first’ in line in the pool of rooms.   Motion failed.


Further discussion ensued.


Russ Frey moved, seconded by Paula Phillips that an article be placed in the January 2000 County Comment, listing the conference hotels with telephone numbers, etc, and indicated that they are accepting reservations on a first come – first served basis.  Motion carried unanimously.


The hotel will be instructed that a room reservation cannot be made unless there is a specific name given for each room.  Counties may not just ‘hold’ a block of rooms. 




There were two travel authorization requests made to the KAC Board:  1) for the KAC President and Executive Director to attend the annual State Association Presidents/Executive Directors meeting sponsored by NACo in Washington, D.C. on January 19-21, 2000; and 2) for the KAC President, NACo Representative, KAC Executive Director, and Legislative Services Director to attend NACo’s annual Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. on March 3-7, 2000. 


Nancy Weeks moved, seconded by Frances J. Garcia to authorize both of travel requests.  Motion carried.


Rod Broberg mentioned on behalf of the new board members, that monies for this travel have been budgeted.  Randy Allen added, that the board’s travel policy for out-of-state travel of board

and staff is for approval to be granted in advance.




Randy Allen, KAC Executive Director, distributed a clip board containing professional as well as personal mailing addresses and phone numbers of the KAC Board members.  He asked that members review the information, and cross out all information they do not wish published on the KAC website.  Randy announced that the KAC offices have a new security system, which was installed yesterday, following our latest break-in that occurred the prior week. The KAC staff will be having an in-service day, December 14.  Beth Tatarko will be facilitating a staff meeting on organizational communications using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument. New KAC Board Member notebooks were mailed out to all 1999-2000 board members.  Randy discussed the various tabs and information contained within each area.  One week before each

meeting, an agenda packet will be mailed out to each board member and can be placed in this notebook.  Randy also discussed the evening’s plans which will take place at the Kansas Association of School Boards building on Arrowhead Road, as the three boards (KAC, League, and KASB) meet to discuss legislative strategies and other matters of mutual interest.


Judy Moler, Legislative Services Director and General Counsel, invited the board to the Legislative Appreciation Breakfast, to be held January 19, 2000 at 7:30 a.m in the Jayhawk Tower Florentine Room. RSVPs are requested at the KAC office no later than January 12, 2000.  Judy said that the 2000 Legislative Platform document has been taken to the printers and should be ready sometime next week.  Russ Frey raised the issue concerning a possible change in the method for electing agricultural extension boards and suggested that county clerks and county commission-

ers review the change carefully. Russ described the proposed change as an unfunded mandate.


Marla Flentje, Education Director, said that the final educational workshop (customer service) of the year was offered on December 3, 1999 in Manhattan. Marla said that she was working on

Completing the web site for KAC (in collaboration with Michelle Works of the KAC staff) as well as developing a calendar for all 2000 education programs. Marla indicated her desire to reconvene

an Education Advisory Committee to give feedback for prospective classes during the 2000 year.  She will be calling on KAC Board members to obtain suggestions for persons to serve on this informal but important committee. Interviews for the recently authorized part-time position in Wichita have not gone well. Marla said that she plans to re-advertise the position in January after the holidays and hope for a better field of selection. 


Kenneth Meier represented the KAC at the KASB meeting held in Wichita, December 5, 1999.  He

Delivered greetings from Kansas counties to the school boards across Kansas and then stayed for their general session.  Ken was very impressed with their motivational speaker, whom he called  “excellent!”  He said he gave a very unique presentation, and encouraged the KAC to use him at one of our conferences in the future. 


Russ Frey and Judy Moler will be attending the annual retreat of the NACo Justice and Public Safety Policy Steering Committee in January. The program will be focused on practical strategies for communities to encourage more socially acceptable behavior among juveniles and reduce juvenile violence and antisocial behavior. He requested that board members let Russ or Judy

Moler know of any new programs or strategies in Kansas so that they can include such information in their presentation in mid-January, 2000.  




Outgoing Board members were asked to please take their name plates home with them, as a token of our appreciation for their hard work and service to the KAC. 


Paula Phillips moved, seconded by Rod Broberg, that the meeting be adjourned

at 2:45 p.m.  Motion carried. 


      Respectfully submitted,





Pam Hatfield, Executive Assistant


Approved by KAC Board:




Darryl Lutz, KAC Secretary

January 18, 2000