Posted on: April 4, 2017

Regional Suppers Scheduled

Property taxes are the largest and most important revenue source funding county services. They have also been described as the “most hated” tax. It seems that property taxes and the property tax system are often “cussed” and “discussed.”

Counties are integral to the system of property tax administration, beginning with the discovery and valuation of property for tax purposes. Kansas’

system of property tax administration involves the Kansas Division of Property Valuation (PVD) and counties. A complex set of laws help ensure a fair and equitable system.

The KAC is hosting a series of Regional Suppers across Kansas with invited guests from PVD making presentations about the “what, why and how” behind the valuation of all classes of property. Whether you have a question about agricultural value and the “rolling average”, market value, oil and gas valuation, fixtures, or the process of

appointing county appraisers, our Regional Suppers will provide an opportunity to better understand Kansas’ property tax system.

Regional Supper Locations and Registration Info
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