KAC now offers webinars through a subscription service. This will allow us to provide members with pertinent information on a variety of topics. It will give every member county the opportunity to train without traveling—making it cost effective to provide training to all of your employees. The subscription allows you to participate in all webinars for $50 for the entire year. All webinars are scheduled for Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

You can find the tentative 2018 webinar schedule listed below. If interested, please contact Dennis Kriesel, KAC’s Operations & Finance Director, for more information. His e-mail address is: kriesel@kansascounties.org.

2018 Webinar Schedule

Forming an Extension District                          Wed., May 9, 2018, Jim Lindquist, Assistant Director Field                                                                                                  Operations, K-State Extension 

Cyber Security                                                   Wed., June 6,  Danielle Hall, Deputy Disciplinary  Administrator 

KHA on appointing Hospital Boards                Wed., July 11, 2018,  Cindy Samuelson, Kansas Hospital Association 

FLSA & Overtime Rules                                     Wed., August 8, 2018, TBD 

KPERS Update                                                    Wed., Sept. 12, 2018, Alan Conroy and Dianna Berry, KPERS                                                                                              Benefits and Members Services Division 

Kansas Open Meetings Act                               Wed., Oct. 10, 2018, Melissa Wangemann, KAC Legislative Dir. &                                                                                       General Counsel 

Kansas Open Records Act                                Wed., Nov. 14, 2018,  Melissa Wangemann, KAC Legislative Dir. &                                                                                      General Counsel