New Commissioners

Welcome aboard Kansas County Commissioners! The Kansas Association of Counties is here to assist you in your new role as a Kansas County Commissioner with educational opportunities, informational resources and more! 

Every two years (odd years only) the KAC hosts a 1.5-day educational program for newly elected commissioners, New Commissioners Orientation. This orientation training is a unique opportunity for you to learn from experienced educators about best practices and avoiding the pitfalls of governance, along with ample networking time with your colleagues from across Kansas. Here is a sampling of the sessions offered:  

  • County Government 101 
  • The Commissioner’s Job Description 
  • The Commission(er)’s Role in Ensuring Transparency, Complying with the Kansas Open Meetings Act, and Running/Participating in Effective Meetings
  • The 3 Major Policy Arenas: Public Health, Public Safety & Public Works
    • 1st of 3: Public Health
    • 2nd of 3: Public Safety
    • 3rd of 3: Public Works
  • Balancing Your Commissioner Role with Your Personal Life
  • Lincoln County v. Nielander Revisited: A discussion of the powers and obligations of elected county officials and how things “ought” to work. 
  • Managing Financial Risk: Property/Casualty/Liability Exposures
  • Managing Financial Risk: Employee Safety and Workers Compensation
  • The County’s Voice at the National Level: The National Association of Counties (NACo)
  • The Commissioner’s Job through the Rear View Mirror: What We Wish We Had Known

The Kansas County Commissioners Association (KCCA) Annual Spring Conference is pointed specifically to you, our county commissioners, and county administrators, and your role in public service. KCCA’s conference provides the opportunity for you to learn, network and share experiences with one another in-person.