Legislative Alerts! Call to Action for Kansas Counties - 2024 Legislative Session

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Special Legislative CALL TO ACTION to Restore LAVTR for Kansas Counties Webinar Recording Link | NEW Letter Templates to Legislators from Residents & Your Kansas County + Sample Testimony Examples

KAC's January 8th Special Webinar presentation on LAVTR focused on the CALL TO ACTION that KAC needs from our Kansas Counties via your support through written testimony, in-person attendance and/or calls to your legislators to let them know that LAVTR needs to be restored.

January 8th Webinar Recording Link here.

NEW! LAVTR Template - Letter to Legislators from Kansas County

NEW! LAVTR Template - Letter to Legislators from Residents

LAVTR (SB 196) Sample Testimony Example

KAC's LAVTR Legislative Advocacy Toolkit for Kansas Counties located here.

LEGISLATIVE ALERT! Your Testimony & In-person Attendance Needed to Restore LAVTR!

SB 196 Hearing in Senate Tax Committee - Thursday, January 11, 2024, 9:30 a.m.

The Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee is hitting the ground running in the first week of session, holding a hearing on SB 196 this Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 9:30 am. SB 196 would restore 100% of LAVTR funds to cities and counties.

KAC and KCCA will testify in support of the bill and is asking our membership to weigh in with support as well. This is the first time a LAVTR funding bill has received a hearing in more than a decade and it is crucial that local governments show up or submit testimony in support of funding these demand transfers. 

The hearing is on Senate Bill 196 which was introduced in February of 2023 by Senator Jeff Pittman, D-Leavenworth. The bill calls for reinstating Local Ad Valorem Tax reduction payments to local governments. We suspect the real reason for the hearing is to repeal LAVTR, not restore it.

House Speaker Dan Hawkins and Senate President Ty Masterson have declared they intend to repeal the LAVTR statute early in the 2024 session. Rather than introduce a new bill to accomplish the repeal, they can use SB 196 as the vehicle. A simple amendment would turn the restore bill into a repeal bill. It is highly unusual for committees to hold hearings the first week of the session.

KCCA, KAC and League of Kansas Municipalities need as many proponents of restoring LAVTR as possible to attend the hearing and testify in favor of SB 196 and restoring LAVTR. 

Testimony is due by Wednesday January 10 at 9:00 am and can be submitted to Assessment.Taxation@senate.ks.gov. All testimony should include the bill number at the top and if you support or oppose. If interested in testifying in person, contact John Gauntt at 785-296-2713. 

We are urging you to write testimony between now and tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10. Contact the committee secretary and ask to testify as a proponent of SB 196. You will need to submit a PDF copy of the testimony and bring 20 copies to the hearing. Even if you can’t testify in person, you can submit written only testimony. Even if you don’t testify you can show up in the audience to show strength in numbers.

If possible, get citizens and business-owners to submit testimony in support of SB 196 restoring LAVTR so they can experience a property tax decrease. Use the property tax calculator on the KAC legislative website to figure out how many mills your county tax rate could have dropped if LAVTR payments had been made.

KAC's LAVTR Legislative Advocacy Toolkit for Kansas Counties located here.