Foundations in County Government

Foundations in County Government is the Kansas Association of Counties’ foundational leadership program.  The program was previously known as Leadership Academy for County Commissioners.  We have redesigned the program to broaden the scope to include all county employees, elected as well as appointed, at all levels and in any department.

Our focus is to introduce you to key topics that will enhance your performance in working with the public through better understanding of effective communication, working as a team member and personal development.  Importantly, the leadership program is designed to be flexible and provide you with timely presentations and workshops that address current issues and concerns. Foundations in County Government overarching objective is to give you more tools to help you mobilize others to make progress on the challenges you face in your role in local government.

Working with the KAC Boards Program Committee, we have redesigned the leadership program. The feedback was that there were too many requirements and we needed more flexibility in the program.

Foundations in County Government certificate of accomplishment requires completion of three core classes listed below* AND four (4) elective classes.

Core Courses

300           *Essentials of County Government.  New Commissioner’s Orientation can substitute for Essentials of County Government.                 
301           Effective Meetings                                                
203           Legal Aspects of Management                              
303           Ethical Considerations                                      
304           Budgeting and Finance                                         
305           Fundamentals of Leadership         


All classes offered through the KAC Institute of Excellence can be applied toward Foundations in County Government . These courses are offered as part of the Roads Scholar programming as well as ad hoc sessions that address current issues.