State of Kansas Agency & External Partner Resources

FEMA Alert and Warning Communications Collaborative Technical Assistance Workshop

FEMA Region 7 will be hosting an Alert and Warning Communications Collaborative Technical Assistance workshop during June. This workshop targets those with a role in communicating protective action guidance to the public immediately preceding, and, during an event. This event is designed to support participants from a mix of jurisdictions and will include emergency managers, public information officers, social media communicators and public outreach coordinators

Kansas Governor's Grants Program Bulletproof Vest Grant Fund Availability

Pursuant to the US Department of Justice’s recent announcement, the Kansas Governor’s Grants Program is pleased to provide the following information regarding the availability of grant funds for the Federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Program. The FY 2021 BVP funds may be used only toward the purchase of approved vests and can fund up to 50 percent of the purchase cost. The application process is now open. Visit the Office of Justice Programs’ Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) website for detailed information and to apply for BVP grant funds. Various FAQ resources are also available and sorted by topic.

FEMA National Financial Capability Month Toolkit

April is National Financial Capability Month (NFCM) and we’ll be showing you ways to prepare yourself and your loved ones financially for disasters by highlighting the Emergency Financial First-Aid Kit (EFFAK), made available for free by FEMA and Operation HOPE and produced by FEMA, Operation HOPE, the Ready Campaign and the Treasury Department’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission. The EFFAK is a flexible tool designed to help individuals and families at all income levels collect and secure the documentation they would need to get on the road to recovery without unnecessary delays, should disaster strike.