Kansas Association of Counties Urges Federal Support for COVID-19 Funding Relief Package for Kansas Counties




April 21, 2020

 News Contact: Kimberly Qualls, (785) 213-4717 or qualls@kansascounties.org

Kansas Association of Counties Urges Federal Support for
COVID-19 Funding Relief Package for Kansas Counties

Topeka, Kan. – The Kansas Association of Counties (KAC) urges the White House and Congress to act quickly on the ongoing negotiations in Washington, D.C. regarding the interim emergency coronavirus relief package, or the COVID-19 3.5 supplemental package.

 KAC Executive Director Bruce Chladny shared:

 “KAC and our Kansas Counties thank Kansas’ Congressional Delegation for their efforts thus far to provide direct, immediate funding for our Kansas county governments who are on the front lines of responding to the ever-changing health, safety and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

 “There is no time like the present for bi-partisan partnership of the administration and Congress to unite to provide vital funding for increasing financial costs in counties ongoing efforts to respond to public health, public safety and economic recovery related to COVID-19. We simply cannot afford to wait much longer.”

 “KAC calls upon our Kansas Congressional delegation to fund this interim emergency relief package as it is a necessary step in helping Kansas counties to maintain the numerous services our residents and small businesses need during this momentous public health and economic crisis, as well as the legally mandated services required by state law.”

 “Kansas Counties directly from the front lines are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic including but not limited to:

 Public health departments leading county-wide health efforts;
Health care professionals and paramedics leading emergency medical response;
Sheriffs protecting public safety and health;
Mental health agencies providing essential behavioral services;
Social service agencies coordinating services (such as food and lodging) assistance for vulnerable populations – homeless, children and older citizens.”

 “It is imperative that federal emergency funding for the COVID-19 pandemic continues to flow to local governments, both directly and through the state. We now more than ever need a proactive united federal-state-local partnership. We ask Congress and the administration to provide direct funding to Kansas counties to support the vital services they deliver daily.”

 The Kansas Association of Counties is a quasi-public agency, which seeks to advance the public interest by promoting effective, responsive county government in Kansas. Founded in 1975, as an instrumentality of its member counties, KAC serves county governments through: legislative representation, technical assistance, leadership and professional education.