COVID-19 Resources

Round One Coronavirus Relief Fund CARES Act Information 

All information located on the Governor's Office of Recovery website:
Webinar Recording Links
August 28 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording  8.28.2020

August 21 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 8.21.2020   

August 14 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording  8.14.2020

August 12 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording  8.12.2020

August 7 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 8.7.2020

August 5 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 8.5.2020

July 31 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 7.31.2020

July 29 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 7.29.2020

July 24 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording  7.24.2020

July 17 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 7.21.2020  (PowerPoint Presentation Link)

July 15 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording  7.15.2020  (PowerPoint Presentation Link)

July 10 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording 
7.10.2020  (PowerPoint Presentation Link)

July 9 Finance Info Zoom Webinar Recording
  7.9.2020  (PowerPoint Presentation Link)

June 26 General Info Zoom Webinar Recording

Supporting County Resource Documentation Links

Accounting Firms List for KS Counties CARES Act Funding   7.17.2020

CRF Generic Memorandum of Understanding Template  7.15.2020

City Coronavirus Relief Fund Resolution Template  7.10.2020

Direct Aid Form  7.15.2020  Updated

Reimbursement Reporting Form  7.9.2020

County Coronavirus Relief Fund FAQ  7.8.2020

Municipality Tool Kit  (Full PowerPoint Presentation 6.26.2020 Webinar)

Request for Guidance Interpretation – Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) (Form) 6.26.2020

Federal Guidance (Related to COVID-19 Funding) 6.26.2020

     >>  June Treasury CRF Guidance FAQs  6.26.2020

     >>  Coronavirus Federal Guidance   6.26.2020

    >>    Federal Uniform Audit Guidance    6.26.2020

SPARK CARES Act Round One Distribution Amounts by Kansas County  6.26.2020


SPARK Taskforce Executive Committee approves proposal of $400 million to local governments for COVID-19 expenses

SPARK Taskforce Meeting Presentation 6.2.2020

Governor's Office News Updates - Full list of all Governor's Office COVID-19 related news releases available here.

Reopening Kansas Plan Information 

To see a summary of all Kansas County Reopen Kansas Plans by Phase, click here. 6.24.2020


FEMA Information

FEMA Region 7 COVID-19 Update Fact Sheet  5.18.2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Addressing PPE Needs in Non-Healthcare Setting Fact Sheet 4.23.2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Purchase and Distribution of Food Eligible for Public Assistance

FEMA Grants Portal Account and Request for Public Assistance (RPA)

KS Div. of Emergency Management Webinar on FEMA Public Assistance Program Grant Program 5.6.2020

National Association of Counties (NACo) Updates

COVID-19 Information (Updated Daily)

KAC Zoom Meeting Information 

KAC Special ZOOM Meeting: Reopen Plans for Kansas Counties Discussion 5.27.2020

A How-To on Protecting Your Zoom Meetings

Emergency Programs to Help Small Businesses & Displaced Employees During COVID-19 - Webinar Recording 4.3.2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Resource Links

KAC recommends the following links to help you and your county residents to stay informed and up-to-date on coronavirus (COVID-19). These links are great resources for sharing detailed factual and timely information with your county residents on the latest coronavirus updates across Kansas and the nation. Be sure to work with your local county health department to keep informed and up-to-date as well on local county efforts.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 graphic
Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)  >>

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  >>

National Institutes of Health (NIH)  >>