August 12, 2005

Kansas Association of Counties

Governing Board Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2005

Room B, SRS Learning Center

Topeka, Kansas



President Gene Merry called the meeting to order at 2:15 p. m. Board members present were as follows: Lonie Addis, Labette County Commissioner; Eileen Filbert, Jefferson County Health Department Administrator; Shannon Francis, Seward County Commissioner; John Miller, Norton County Commissioner; Gene Merry, Coffey County Commissioner; Ted Ensley, Shawnee County Commissioner; Mary Messamore, Sherman County Emergency Services Director; Alvin Perez, Republic County Highway Administrator; Dennis Peterson, Riley County Weed Director; Gary Post, Lyon County Appraiser; Florence Whitebread, Geary County Commissioner; Tom Winters, Sedgwick County Commissioner. Board members absent were as follows: Nick Saldan, Deputy Johnson County Counselor.


There were no changes to the agenda as printed.



June 24, 2005 Minutes Approval


The June 24, 2005 board meeting minutes were reviewed. Mary Messamore moved, seconded by Ted Ensley, to approve the June 24, 2005 minutes. Motion carried.  


Approval of Bills and Payrolls


Treasurer John Miller was not able to be present for the Finance Committee meeting so Commissioner Tom Winters presented the bills and payrolls dated August 12, 2005. Tom Winters moved, seconded by Shannon Francis, to approve the bills and payrolls dated August 12, 2005. Motion carried.


Monthly Financial Report for June, 2005


Randall Allen explained the monthly financial report for June, 2005. He answered questions and informed the Board of corrections to errors in the report as distributed. Mary Messamore moved, seconded by Florence Whitebread, to receive and place the Monthly Financial Report for June, 2005, as corrected, on file. Motion carried.


National Association of Counties Report


Lonie Addis, NACo representative, presented the NACo report. He made note of the fact that he has served his terms and that this is his final Board meeting as NACo representative. His successor, Steve Garten, Barber County Commissioner, will attend subsequent NACo and KAC Board meetings as the NACo representative. He indicated that the NACo prescription drug card program is now off pilot status, and is ready to be launched nationwide (to NACo member counties).


Lonie briefed the board on the NACo Annual Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the conference, he spoke in support of Johnson County Chairman Annabeth Surbaugh’s bid for a presidential appointment to the NACo Board, and that Randall had written a letter of support for her also. Unfortunately, Commissioner Surbaugh was not reappointed by incoming NACo President Bill Hansell of Oregon.  


Randall reported that Greenwood County recently joined NACo.


Approval of Engagement Letter for Audit of the Wireless Enhanced 911 Fund


Lonie Addis moved, seconded by John Miller, to accept the draft engagement letter from Summers, Spencer, and Callison, CPAs of Topeka, Kansas to conduct the audit of the Wireless Enhanced 911 Local Fund (joint project with the League of Kansas Municipalities to be funded from the administrative proceeds of the program. (This audit is prescribed by statute). Motion carried.


KAC Board Policy for Resolving Legislative Policy Conflicts


The policy adopted in 1997 by the then constituted KAC Board was discussed. The language was not as restrictive as some had thought. It was decided that the staff should send copies of the policy to the affiliate and associate presidents and ask for their comments prior to reconsidering the policy at the September 16 meeting.


Amicus Brief on Behalf of Franklin County, Kansas


Franklin County, Kansas has requested the KAC file an amicus brief on behalf of the ability of the county commissioners to exercise their statutory authority to manage functions and services of the county. The Board of the County Counselors Association of Kansas has recommended that the KAC file a brief. It can be done in-house at little or no expense. Shannon Francis moved, seconded by Florence Whitebread, that the KAC file the amicus brief. Motion carried.


President Merry’s Report


President Merry briefed the board on the recent NACo Annual Conference and some of the work taken up by the Environment, Energy, and Land Use Policy Steering Committee in which he participates and a recent meeting called by Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller that he attended having to do with finding ways to provide consistent engineering services in counties of all sizes.  


Executive Director’s Report


Randall requested authorization to travel to Taos, New Mexico in October for his annual meeting of county association executives as well for Judy Moler to attend the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) in September in Savannah, Georgia. The County Counselors Association of Kansas is covering the travel expenses for Judy to attend the IMLA conference. Ted Ensley moved, seconded by Tom Winters to authorize the travel as requested. Motion carried.


Approval was also requested for Randall and President Gene Merry to travel to Bismarck, North Dakota to meet with Mark Johnson of the North Dakota Association of Counties. North Dakota has a diversity of funding sources for their association, and it was felt there was much to learn from Mr. Johnson. Gary Post moved and Ted Ensley seconded the motion for the two to travel to North Dakota. Motion carried.


Randall announced that he had secured a commitment for Christopher Gates, President of the National Civic League, Denver, Colorado to deliver the keynote address at the 30th Annual Conference of the Association in Topeka in November. He requested approval of the KAC entering into an agreement with the NCL for Mr. Gates to speak, at a cost of $3,500 plus travel expenses. Mary Messamore moved, seconded by Gary Post, to authorize the Executive Director to confirm Mr. Gates appearance at the annual conference in the amounts mentioned. Motion carried.

KAC Board Affiliate/Associate Information Exchange


Board members conveyed information about their respective organizations.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                                                                Judy Moler, General Counsel


Approved: _______________________________

                   Florence Whitebread, Board Secretary