November 6, 2008








Board Members Present: Michele Abbott-Becker, Marion County EMS Director; Sheila Biggs, Dickinson County Commissioner; Joe Connor, Unified Government Health Department Administrator; Terry David, Rice County EMS Director; Gary Doane, Osborne County Commissioner; Shannon Francis, Seward County Commissioner; R. Steve Garten, Barber County Commissioner; Mark Low, Finney County Appraiser; Larry McAulay, Johnson County Director of Legal Services; JR McMahon II, Miami County Director of Public Works; Dennis Peterson, Riley County Noxious Weed Director; Tom Wagner, Atchison County Commissioner; Tom Winters, Sedgwick County Commissioner; Dick Works, Allen County Commissioner.


Board Members Absent: Dale Phillips, Barton County Noxious Weed Director.


Others Present: Randall Allen, KAC Executive Director; Melissa Wangemann, KAC General Counsel.




Shannon Francis called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm.    


Randall Allen took roll call.


Randall Allen presented the preliminary draft of the 2009 KAC Budget to the Board and requested any questions or comments from the Board.


Dennis Peterson asked Randall Allen to provide an itemized summary of the annual conference revenues and expenses, and Randall said he would provide that to the Board.


Terry David asked whether costs would increase for the 2009 conference, which is located in Overland Park. Randall said KAC may see a 10% increase in the cost of food.


Larry McAulay suggested increasing the regional suppers from $25 to $30. He also asked whether the County Commission Deskbook was updated every year, as that might affect sales of the book. Melissa Wangemann explained that she understood the book was updated every five years and is currently being updated. Melissa suggested we update the book every year in order to keep it current and to encourage sales of the book.


Joe Connor asked whether the advertising rate for ads in the County Comment should be increased. Melissa said she was currently working on an advertisement brochure for distribution to vendors and others at the annual conference, and would review the rates in the process.


Larry McAulay suggested an outside salesperson who would earn commissions on the sale of advertisements. His county?s Department of Aging had used this method to sell ads in its publication.


Larry McAulay also suggested that Melissa Wangemann obtain a quote for Westlaw to assist her with legal research. Melissa Wangemann said she would get the quote before the board meets at the annual conference.


JR McMahon asked if KAC had a schedule for replacing computer equipment. Randall Allen said there was no precise schedule; equipment is replaced when necessary.


Dennis Peterson asked about the contingent reserve for salary increases and when Randall Allen would know the amounts for the 2009 salary increases. Randall Allen explained that he had not projected 2009 salaries yet.


Larry McAulay asked about the last page of the budget listing compensation and benefits for KAC staff, and whether it included KAC?s contribution to deferred compensation. If that was not reflected, the compensation estimate was understated. Randall Allen said he would add that estimate.


Discussion was held about the health insurance and whether KAC could enroll in the Employees Benefits Trust program. Randall Allen said that KAC did not meet the 50 employee threshold. Randall Allen explained that he was seeking a quote from Coventry Health Care to see if KAC could obtain a lower rate on health insurance.


Melissa Wangemann suggested electronic distribution of the County Comment in order to save approximately $20,000 per year on printing and mailing the newsletter. She will provide more information in writing to the Board for consideration at the annual conference.


Michele Abbott Becker asked whether the budget included homeland security grants and Randall Allen explained that it did not because he did not know the amounts.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:15.


Minutes prepared by Melissa Wangemann.




Minutes approved on _________________ by the Governing Board.




Sheila Biggs, Secretary