September 26, 2008











Board Members Present: Michele Abbott-Becker, Marion County EMS Director; Sheila Biggs, Dickinson County Commissioner; Joe Connor, Unified Government Health Department Administrator; Terry David, Rice County EMS Director; Gary Doane, Osborne County Commissioner; Shannon Francis, Seward County Commissioner; R. Steve Garten, Barber County Commissioner; Mark Low, Finney County Appraiser; Larry McAulay, Johnson County Director of Legal Services; JR McMahon II, Miami County Director of Public Works; Dennis Peterson, Riley County Noxious Weed Director; Dale Phillips, Barton County Noxious Weed Director; Tom Wagner, Atchison County Commissioner; Tom Winters, Sedgwick County Commissioner.


Board Members Absent: Dick Works, Allen County Commissioner


Others Present: Randall Allen, KAC Executive Director; Norm Bowers, KAC Local Road Engineer; Judy Moler, General Counsel; Melissa Wangemann, Incoming General Counsel.




Shannon Francis called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.  


Shannon Francis suggested the Dickinson County EMS Director as a speaker on the tornado/GIS issues at the annual conference in November, following his excellent presentation/tour of the tornado-damaged city of Chapman.


The agenda was modified to move the Executive Director evaluation to an executive session at the end of the agenda and agreed to by consensus.


Steve Garten moved and Larry McAulay seconded a motion to approve the July 13, 2008 minutes. The motion passed.


Tom Winters, Chair of the Finance Committee moved, and Mark Low seconded, adoption of the Finance Committee report on bills and payrolls of September 26, 2008. The motion passed.


Larry McAulay questioned why all expenditures were not listed and Randall Allen explained that the report lists expenditures paid by check, not electronic payments. Larry McAulay suggested an expenditure report that includes all expenditures.


The Board recognized outgoing General Counsel Judy Moler and incoming General Counsel Melissa Wangemann.


Briefing on Local Road Engineer Program, Action on Funding

Norm Bowers presented information on the local road engineer program. Randall explained that KDOT funded $50,000 for this program in the past. KDOT request that we move to a 50/50% funding (state, county) for the program. Possible funding mechanisms include dues assessments to the member counties or invoices to the County Road/Bridge Departments of approximately $300-400.


The consensus of the Board was that all Board members be added to the Norm?s biweekly emails.


Michele Abbott-Becker noted that the funding request needed to be a positive statement, not a statement that KDOT is ?pulling out.?


Discussion was had that the funding request should come with endorsements from the Highway Association, commissioners, KDOT Secretary, etc. Perhaps a joint meeting between commissioners and road/bridge departments should be held at the annual conference to discuss the program.  Also emphasize that KAC is facilitating the program and providing building space for the program.


Concerns were raised about wording on dues ? if it looks like KAC is increasing dues, KAC may lose members.


Discussion was had on separating the fee from dues and sending fee statements to Road/Bridge Departments. These departments may not even have to go to commissioners, as the fee is a line item for the departments.


Dennis Peterson asked if dues were meeting our needs or would we need an increase in the next year. Randall Allen says dues may need to increase in next budget.


Tom Winters moved, and Tom Wagner seconded a motion calling for KAC staff to develop a plan to fund the Local Engineer Program by creating a separate invoice to each county?s Road/Bridge Department for a fee in an amount decided by staff. The motion passed.


Update on Banking Situation

Randall Allen updated the Board about the Columbian Bank failure and the current status of the accounts.


Larry McAulay asked about pledging to these accounts. Melissa Wangemann said she would check with the bank about this issue immediately.


Larry McAulay asked if we should break down amounts that are over the FDIC limit of $100,000 to ensure coverage in case of another bank failure. Because the FDIC determines coverage by totaling all accounts for an entity, separating the money into more than one account does not increase coverage. There was discussion on diversifying accounts with several banks.


Melissa Wangemann explained three resolutions that were presented to the Board. Resolution 2008-01 would allow KAC to issue a RFP to obtain a new bank; Resolution 2008-02 would update the signature card and credit/debit cards; and Resolution 2008-03 would allow KAC staff to move a certificate of deposit that matures October 3, 2008.


Tom Winters moved and Dennis Peterson seconded a motion to adopt amended versions of Resolutions 2008-01, 02, and 03. Resolutions 2008-01 and 2008-02 were amended to reference debit cards as well as credit cards, and Resolution 2008-03 was amended to allow KAC staff to move any bank account that it deems necessary. The motion passed.


Selection of Audit Firm

Randall Allen explained the audit proposals from two CPA firms.


Discussion was held on whether a new accounting firm would bring a ?fresh pair of eyes? to KAC?s annual audit. The new firm quoted a higher price, approximately $4000 higher over two years.


Tom Winters suggested asking our current firm for a different auditor if we wanted to have a fresh approach.


Joe Connor asked whether KAC staff should seek a Best and Final Offer from the higher-priced firm. Randall Allen said that KAC staff could do that.


Terry David moved, and Michele Abbott-Becker seconded, a motion to continue to engage Summers, Spencer & Callison, CPAs, Chartered for auditing services for financial years 2007-2008.


The motion passed.  

Report on Public Health Summit Conference

Randall Allen spoke on the Public Health Summit held in Wichita September 24-25, 2008. Joe Connor and Sheila Biggs also offered comments on the Summit.


Legislative Policy Update

Melissa Wangemann gave an update on the Legislative Policy Statement, including the new items recently added: E911 funding, taxation of 16M/20M trucks in the VIPs system, and Medicaid suspension instead of termination. Melissa said that KAC had met with the Water Office to discuss support for additional funding for sedimentation problems, as a follow-up to Marion County legislative request concerning the Marion Reservoir. Melissa Wangemann also discussed the interim tax committee?s discussion on methane gas taxes, taxation on boats and the slider formula.


NACo Report

Steve Garten gave a report and asked for authorization to attend the NACo meeting at Tempe, Arizona in December, 2008. Tom Wagner moved and Sheila Biggs seconded a motion to authorize the travel.   The motion passed.

KAC Affiliate/Associate Information Sharing

Each affiliate/associate shared information as to issues and programs occurring in their counties.


Executive Director Performance Evaluation

Dennis Peterson moved and Tom Winters seconded a motion to recess to executive session for ten minutes for purposes of discussing a personnel matter; specifically, the executive director evaluation. A roll call vote was taken with a unanimous vote and the motion carried. The Board began executive session at 11:50 am.


The meeting reconvened at 12:00 pm. No action was taken during or following the executive session.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:03.


Minutes prepared by Melissa Wangemann.




Minutes approved on _________________ by the Governing Board.




Sheila Biggs, Secretary